How To Use TackoShack Bot Discord | TackoShack Bot Commands

Wanna Playing is a great way to make money.? Sounds impossible? No more. TackoShackIt was possible. ItGives you the chance to Make moneyTo its users Discord. WantHow can you find out? Let’s know how to use TackoShack Bot Discord.

TackoShackhas 109.19K registered users and 4.6 stars for a rating. TackoShackIt is a money-making opportunity Discord bot that should surely be on everyone’s DiscordServers to make money while they play games. ThisBot allows its users to purchase upgrades in order to generate more revenue. OnceOnce they have reached a certain level, employees can be hired to make tacos that are supposed to sell to customers.

BeforeKnowing how to use TackoShack Bot DiscordYou should be able to add TackoShackTacko to your server, which is hereShack website >>> Login >>> Add To Discord >>> RegisterAnd Sign-in >>> choose the Permissions >>> choose the Server >>> Continue >>> Authorize >>> Verify Yourself >>> TackoShack AddedSend to server Now you’re ready to use TackoShack. ButWithout commands, how can it be done?

Who said you’re going to use TackoShackWithout command? Go and read, you’ll find everything: commands, features, how to earn, how to fix if it got corrupted, etc. Go, don’t delay. ReadHow to use TackoShack Bot Discord peacefully.

How To Install TackoShack Bot For Your Discord Server?

How To Install TackoShack Bot For Your Discord Server

Adding TackoShack Bot This is a simple task that’s easy to complete. Just follow these steps:

  1. GoTo the Official WebsiteTackoShackClick on Login.
  1. RegisterYour official Email AddressClick on Sign-In
  1. SelectThe PermissionsYou wish to grant TackoShack Bot.
  1. NextSelect the desired option from the drop-down menu ServerThe Add Bot Section.
  1. ClickOn ContinueNext, tap on the Authorize button.
  1. NextYou need to VerifyAs a human follow these instructions CaptchaThis step will be completed.
  1. NowNow, go back to your DiscordServer Dashboard, and you’ll find TackoShack AddedTo your server

StartPlay and earn with your favorite money-making robot with the following commands.

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TackoShack Bot Discord Commands

TackoShack Bot Discord Commands

HaveTacko funShackOn Discord! FindTo run your shack, follow the instructions below.


  1. help – ViewAll TackoShack Commands
  1. info – ViewInformation about TackoShack
  1. tutorial – ViewThe tutorial
  1. stats – View TackoShack’s stats
  1. aliases – ViewCommand aliases
  1. invite – GetTacko invite linkShack
  1. vote – VoteTackoShackFor a reward
  1. prefix [new prefix] – ChangeThe prefix to your server
  1. channel – Edit your channel/settings/restrictions
  1. support –  JoinSupport server 
  1. prefixinfo – Display prefix for the server you’re in


  1. found – FoundYour TackoShack
  1. shack – ViewYour TackoShack
  1. cooldowns – ViewCurrent cooldowns
  1. upgrades – View all upgrades
  1. deco – View all decorations
  1. shop – ViewBuy a boost
  1. Buy [ID] – PurchaseUpgrade, ad, boost
  1. employees – ViewAll available employees
  1. Hire [id] – HireAn employee
  1. ads – ViewAll advertisements available
  1. expand <info> – ExpandYour shack
  1. work – CookSome tacos and some cash
  1. tips – CheckFor tips
  1. tasks – ViewYour daily goals
  1. daily – CollectYour daily gift

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  1. Flip [heads/tails] [bet] – Flip a coin
  1. slots <bet> – PlaySlots or help menu
  1. scratch – BuyA scratch card
  1. blackjack [bet] – Play blackjack
  1. Cups [bet] – Play Cupgame
  1. roll – Roll a dice


  1. leaderboard <global> – View tacos sold leaderboard
  1. richest <global> – View richest players
  1. incomes <global><beach> – ViewIncome leaderboard
  1. shifts <global> – ViewMost shifts were completed
  1. tiplb <global> – View most tips collected
  1. streak <global> – ViewLongest streak leaderboard
  1. votestreak <global> – View longest vote streak leaderboard
  1. gs <global> – View highest work streak
  1. weekly <global> – ViewWeekly shift leaderboard
  1. giftlb <global> – View gifts sent leaderboard

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How To Manage Your Shack?

How To Manage Your Shack

BeforeLearn how to use TackoShack Bot Discord, let’s see how to manage TackoShack Bot Discord. OtherInstead of having your new employees making tacos right now, you should help them out and do your part!


Cook tacos, use “!work”. YouYou can work with a gap every 10 minutes. Appliances upgrade.


CollectGet tips every 5 min with!tips. UpgradeIncrease the tip jar.

Customer Happiness 

CleanMaintain a clean environment and shack each day. UseKeep your shack at the top of the list! KeepYour customer happy.


Edit your Shack’s Menu. Use !menu. IncreaseYou can increase your income by adding more items.


ExpandYour shack’s hourly and balanced increase. ExpandUpgrade your shack to unlock more upgrades Use ! expand.


GetCoupons available Daily StreakAnd VotingRedeem these to get a random amount. Use ! You can also view your coupons. UseTo redeem coupons, use!redeem

Daily Tasks

CompleteYour Daily Goals. CheckThese can be used with!tasks and!g ClaimThe completed tasks with!g claim

NowOnce you have mastered the basics, use!help for the rest of the commands! Or you can use your !tutorial command for a complete guide, there you’ll get familiar with rest of the features like:

  1. Achievements
  2. Taco Truck
  3. Franchises
  4. NamingHow to change your mind Shack Slogan
  5. New Locations
  6. Gambling Commands 

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How To Use TackoShack Bot Discord? 

How To Use The TackoShack Bot On Discord

HowUse TackoShack Bot Discord?

WantHow to make money while having fun Come TackoShackIt will be of assistance.

ItsThe main theme is to manage shacks. You’re supposed to attract customers to purchase your shacks which will make your income. Sauce MarketIt can help you boost your income. You can sell and purchase sauces in the Sauce MarketProfitable investments can bring in more revenue. 

ThereThere are many GamesThese are ways that users can have fun while they work. TheThere are many games. TacoSlots, blackjack, and other games that entertain players to analyze their luck at the Scratch Tickets. TheThe leaderboard will show the highest selling item.

YouYou are expected to sell more tacos in order to rank higher and make more money. ForYou will get better results and a higher income if you put more effort into the bot and spend more time with it. AlsoThe bot allows you and your friends to collaborate to create franchises together, and then promote them to make huge amounts of money. RememberYou can personalize your franchise by using a logo or colors to make it more appealing.

How To Fix TackoShack Bot Not Working?

Tacko is sometimes used in a few instances.Shack BotIt may encounter errors such as it not responding or it not being online. ThisBots may be responsible. ServersAny random reason can cause you to be down IfThese issues can be found in the Invite Tracker Support Community Server.

AlsoEnsure that you have given the permissions necessary to invite them Trackerbot, it is possible to do this from the settings pages.

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Wrapping Up

That’s all for how to use TackoShack Bot Discord.

TackoShack BotOffers a Game Users can make money by using these tools. InIn this game, players must cook tacos and then put them on shacks. Then, they have to sell the shacks. PromoteThey will be able to promote their business at a high level.

ToMake those shacks attractive for customers to buy, but decorations for the shacks. GivePurchase boosts at the best times to give your income a temporary boost


Q1. How To MakeA TacoShack?

Ans. Use ” !found ” to create your taco shack! 

Q2. How To RenameA Taco Shack?

Ans. Use !name [new name]Or!rename[new name]You can change the name of your taco shop!

Q3. How To Check Achievements?

Ans. Use ! The bot will notify you when you have achieved an achievement or!a.

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