How To Use Tofu Bot Discord | Tofu Bot Commands

So, here’s a complete guide explaining how to use Tofu bot Discord. What? You don’t know about Tofu? It’s an amazingGaming botIt offers the joy of playing fantastic Games Enjoying them in the best possible ways Tofu bot. The Tofubot has a rating 4.3 stars. It is still being used to improve every day. It23.63k users have been successfully enrolled from all over the globe.

The TofuBot allows you to have fun creating and playing with cards featuring heroes from the virtual universe. Players You can summon cards that feature amazing heroes from comics. animeManga, video games, cartoons and many other media. UsersThey can fight with their cards and summon these heroes every twenty minutes. TheBot has a high response rate and actively generates heroes for the server. 

ToKnow how to use Tofubot DiscordIt is important to learn how to include the TofuBot to your DiscordServer first, and then you must set Summon Channel >>> change Prefix >>> to restrict Commands >>> Anti-Snipe >>> InviteThe bot. WellI got the idea to add the bot to the sections below.

AlongThese are just some of the exciting features that can be added to your account. IfYou also want to be a leader in the game and receive rewards and cards. Read the above section! Just read!

What Is Tofu Bot On Discord Server? 

What Is Tofu Bot On Discord Server

Discord It is known for providing exciting and enjoyable ways for users to use an online platform that is accessible worldwide. OneOne of the main reasons the company has achieved such great success is DiscordIts amazing bot is a shining example of unity thought, and outstanding ways to improve human life.

TofuAlso, Server of Discord. The TofuBot was the hero of almost all virtual worlds you have seen since childhood. TheBot has so many players because it offers unique features such as the ability to customize cards with cosmetics. PlayersYou can create stunning cards using frames, hexes and auras. PlayersThese can be accessed from within the bot. Also, the bot doesn’t allow its users to get bored playing all day alone, instead, it has the concept to create teams of their favorite characters and level them up to make them more powerful and fun. MorePowerful heroes can quickly conquer and expand a kingdom with their powerful settings.

WithApart from all these amazing features, the bot also offers another feature: minigames. ThereThese are attractive and simple minigames that you can play while you relax. TheAlso, a complete set of cards is available for players to access and allow them to control multiple heroes.

PlayersYou can also choose to fusion your cards to combine the abilities of multiple heroes. A unique feature of the bot that makes it different from all the rest is its unique feature. UsersYou can also send gifts and receive them from other players. ThisThis feature helps to create a healthy relationship among players around the world.  HenceThe TofuBot is highly recommended to be used on your server. InviteGet the bot today and share its amazing features with your friends.

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How To Use Tofu Bot Discord?

How To Add Tofu Bot To Your Discord Server

OfAll areas covered by the DiscordBotsGaming was and remains the most loved and relatable of all the activities. Discord users. 

So, here’s the guide to How To Use Tofu Bot Discord:

Setting Summon Channel

You can set a specific channel for summoning if you’ve administrator access by sending t!set in it. YouYou can change the channel by sending a command to the channel.

Changing Prefix

TheThe default prefix for t is t! with administrator access, you can modify the prefix by typing t!prefix <new prefix>, replacing <new prefix> with the prefix of your choice.

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Restricting Commands

Tofuhas multiple commands. You can also restrict a category to work on a channel with t! restrict <category>. This needs the “Manage Server” permission. 


IfYou find your speed at grabbing cards annoyingly slow, or you just want to have a better experience. Frank server environment, and have the ‘Manage Server’ permission, you can turn on Anti-Snipe. ThisAfter a summons is issued, allow for a delay when grabbing. ThisThis means that you have 5 seconds Anti-SnipeThen everyone will be able to grab the opportunity within 5 seconds.

Set it up with t!antisnipe <time> , with time being a whole number between 0-10, depicting the seconds for the delay.


AnyoneCan invite Tofuvia t! You can invite or join the TofuOfficial website of the community server

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Tofu Bot Discord Commands

Tofu Bot Discord Commands

EnterUse the t!help command for more information about a command.

  1. Settings

prefix, set, antisnipe, restrict, invite, guide.

  1. Play

summon, open, lookup, cooldown, minigames, upgrade, view, cardinfo.

  1. Fusion

fusionboard, fuseadd, fuse, fastfuse.

  1. Cosmetics

hexes, auras, use, rechargemerchant, stickers, stick, unstick, stickermachine.

  1. Summon List

summonlist, summonlistadd, summonlistremove, summonlistupgrade, summonwatch.

  1. Like List

likes, likeadd, likeremove, likeslotupgrade.

  1. Player

inventory, collection, userinfo, buffs, setbadge, badges, private.

  1. Profile

profile, blurb, profilenote, profilebackground, profilecolor, progressbarcolor, progressfillcolor, profileopacity, progressbaropacity.

  1. Economy

shop, buy, daily, vote, give, trade, multittrade, giftcard, gifts.

  1. Tags

tags, tag, untag, tagadd, tagremove, tagrename, tagreemote.

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How To Fix Tofu Bot Not Working?

NowYou are aware How To Use Tofu Bot Discord, let’s see how to fix if it is not working.

ManyThese are the times. Tofu BotIt could have defects like it might not reply or it might go offline. ThisThis could be due to a bot server being down for any reason. Please check the issue in the Invite Tracker Support Community Server.

AlsoYou should ensure that you have given the appropriate permissions. Invite Trackerbot, it is possible to do so on the Settings page.

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Wrapping Up

That’s all for How To Use Tofu Bot Discord.

TofuBot is the most scientific of the monster kingdom’s scientists. In Tofubot Discord Server, players can collect and customize their favorite characters, including those from anime, games and manga, cartoons, comics, and many others. The server has 160k+ members Tofubot Discord server. It’s the best global card game. 


Q1. Which Bot Is Best For Discord?

Ans. MEE6 is ranked amongst the best Discord bots. ItIt allows its users to moderate your server in a highly controlled manner, allows you to use custom commands, assign roles and supports private texting.

Q2. CanA Bot Get Nitro?

Ans. Bots would’ve a lot of use for Nitro features, in addition, it doesn’t put any bots at an advantage and there’s nothing more there than they could abuse. AlthoughCurrently, the only way to purchase a subscription for their bots separately is to break TOS by creating a userbot.

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