How to watch Summer Game Fest 2022 — stream dates and times

WithOfficially, E3 has been canceled 2022, Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game FestThe number of people who are able to afford it will continue to rise toThe occasion. TheThe show has been aired for several years, but it will be much more appreciated this season. VideoGame fans will be able to toYou can tune in for multiple announcements over the course of several days. Here’s what you need to know.

The “core” of Summer Game FestThe event will last four days, according to Keighley’s interview with Epic Games. WeAlready knew the kickoff date had been set June9 but the show will continue from that ThursdayThrough Sunday, June 12. TheFirst showcase June9 starts at 11 AM PT / 2:15 PM ET

AsThere are many ways to tune in. PastShows that are aired on streaming sites such as YouTube and Twitch and were also re-broadcast by several other outlets — you can watchYou can get your gaming news almost anywhere. Summer Game FestAlso aired in theaters previously. andIt will do it again this year. ItHowever, the broadcast will be broadcast in IMAX, which is the largest screen available for game trailers. and demos.

SpeakingPast, of which? Summer Game FestLineups included at-home demos for games featured on the stream. That hasn’t been confirmed for this year’s show, but it would certainly be appreciated given the entirely digital nature of current-day press conferences. PlayStation, Xbox, Square Enix, and other big names have been a part of the show in the past, though the lineup hasn’t been confirmed just yet. ManyAll of these will have their own. streamAlso, the Xbox and BethesdaGames showcase airs at he tail end Summer Game Fest’s initial block. That’s happening on Sunday, June 12 at 1 PM ET / 10 AM ET.

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