Imply Data Raises $100M in Series D Funding

Imply Data, Inc.The BurlingameCA-based company that maintains a database. Apache DruidThe fund was raised $100 million in Series DIt is valued at $1.1 billion by financing

TheRound, which brings total funding raised up to date to $215m was led by Thoma BravoParticipation by OMERS Growth EquityBoth new investors and existing investors are welcome to apply. Bessemer Venture Funds, Andreessen Horowitz Khosla Ventures.

TheCompany plans to use the funds in order to expand its operations and reach new customers.

LedBy CEO and co-founder Fangjin “FJ” YangWho is the cocreator of Apache Druid, Implyis the most important contributor to Apache DruidProviding the complete developer experience DruidAs a fully-managed DBaaSImply Polaris), hybrid-managed software offering (Imply Enterprise Hybrid) and self-managed software offering (Imply Enterprise). TheFollowing the recent announcements of open source innovation and product, funding round in March—specifically, the launch of Imply PolarisThe fully-managed DBaaS, built from Apache Druid and the introduction of a new multi-stage query engine that makes DruidOnly database that can support complex alerts, advanced reports, and interactive real-time analytics.

CustomersInclude Salesforce, Atlassian, Reddit, Intercontinental Exchange.



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