Inceptor Bio Raises $37 Million in Series A Financing

Inceptor Bio

Inceptor Bio, Morrisvillea biotechnology company in NC that focuses primarily on cell therapies, has raised $37M in Series A funding.

TheRound was led by Kineticos Ventures.  

TheCompany plans to use the funds for its CAR-T lead programme to increase its a PhaseI am continuing development of its CAR–M platform and CAR–NK platform. AdditionallyProceeds will be used to finance the completion of Inceptor Bio’s Advanced Manufacturing Platform(AMP+), a 29,000 sq. ft. cell and gene treatment GMP manufacturing site. in Gainesville, Florida.

LedCEO Shailesh MaingiAnd PresidentAnd Chief Operating Officer Mike Nicholson, Ph.D., Inceptor BioA biotechnology company, Developing multiple next-generation gene therapy and cell platforms to deliver treatments for difficult-to treat and underserved cancers. ByPartnering with universities, medical centers, industry leaders Inceptor BioCell and gene therapy programs have advanced from discovery-phase technology into PhaseClinical assets I and 2.

ItsCAR–T, CAR–M and CAR–NK platforms are at center of a diverse portfolio of cell therapies that focuses on novel mechanisms to enhance cell performance. inThe tumor microenvironment NovelTechnologies include a costimulatory domain M83, a proprietary manufacturing process TMax, the K62 platform which increases the phagocytic capability of macrophages, supports a phenotype M1 anti-tumor, and differentiated iPSC technology.



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