Is 42 Days of Darkness a True Story? Is the Netflix Show Based on Real People?

Originally titled ‘42 Días en la Oscuridad,’ Netflix’s Chilean thriller series ‘42 Days of Darkness’ centers around theThe disappearance of Verónica Montes under strange circumstances. Verónica’s sister Cecilia Montes and her lawyer Víctor PizarroBegin your search Verónica, only to confront the negligence of theLaw enforcement the unfavorable presence of the media. DirectedBy Gaspar AntilloAnd Claudia Huaiquimilla, theThis captivating show moves through the challenges CeciliaAnd PizarroFace to unravel theTruth about the former’s sister. TheHighly realistic tone of the series enhances theStory and Makes theThe viewers are curious as to whether theShow has any real-life connections. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same!

Is 42 Days of Darkness a True Story?

‘42 Days of Darkness’ is partially based on a true story. TheFoundation of the narrative, theThe disappearance of Verónica Montes, is principally based on theDeath and disappearance of Viviana HaegerShe vanished from her home. Viviana, theMother ofTwo daughters theFrau of Jaime Anguita, vanished on June29, 2010, while she was still living with her family in Puerto Varas, Los Lagos Region, Chile. Although theHusband had received a phone call that informed him about his wife’s supposed kidnapping on theHe ignored it the next day theSame, assuming that it’s a scam.

Is 42 Days of Darkness a True Story? Is the Netflix Show Based on Real People?
Image Credit: Diego Araya Corvalán/Netflix

However, JaimeContact theAuthorities confirmed this shortly after it was confirmed by them. VivianaIt is missing. TheFamilies and theAuthorities began their search. VivianaHowever, she was not able to locate her. On (*42*) 10, 2010, her dead body was found by JaimeIn the attic ofTheir house. The initial autopsy led thePolice to investigate that Viviana’s death was suicide but theUse ofHerbicides aIntoxication was considered to be poison. aLater forensic analysis. In December 2015, Jose Perez MancillaWho worked in Jaime’s company, confessed to killing VerónicaAnd revealed that he was hired by the deceased’s husband to kill her.

Following the confession, Jaime and Mancilla were put in preventive detention. EvenHowever theProsecution requested life imprisonment JaimeIn theHe was finally acquitted after a 2017 trial. the court due to aMangeln of evidence. MancillaHe was sentenced to ten year imprisonment, which included the679 days he spent in preventive custody, for robbery and homicide. In addition, Rodrigo Fluxá’s true-crime book ‘Usted sabe quién: notas sobre el homicidio de Viviana Haeger,’ an account of theAlso inspired by murder case the show’s narrative. The author of theBook is a co-writer of theYou can also use series.

Although theShow depicts important developments that occurred in the investigation of Viviana Haeger’s disappearance and subsequent murder, theDirectors Gaspar AntilloAnd Claudia Huaiquimilla had made it clear that they weren’t trying to document theAbsolute truth regarding thecase in their creation.

Is 42 Days of Darkness a True Story? Is the Netflix Show Based on Real People?
Jaime AnguitaAnd Viviana Haeger Image Credit: 24 Horas

AsIt is far more than AntilloAnd Huaiquimilla are concerned, ‘42 Days of Darkness’ is not outrightly “based” on a true story but only “inspired.” The duo had championed the independent existence ofInterview given in which they discuss their work. May 2022. AccordingTo them, theSeries is a way to explore. theThe consequences of theThe disappearance of aSister, mother and daughter. ToKeep it up aThere is a distance between reality, and the show, theDirectors and writers have changed theNames of theReal-life figures and fictionalized theIndividuals involved theEvents that occurred in the real crime.

Through theElements of fiction, AntilloAnd HuaiquimillaPay attention theParticipation of media, theMethods of thePolice department theWays of theThe judicial system is associated with Viviana’s case. OrIn the words of Huaiquimilla, theSeries strives to explore more than theReal-life case such as gender violence. a true-crime account. ‘42 Days of Darkness’ is an impeccable example ofHow reality and fiction can be combined in order to create aA narrative that offers aGreater reflection of theIn which society theReal-life crime occurred.

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