Is Albert Han Leaving LAFD? Is John Harlan Kim Leaving 9-1-1?

When the fifth season of FOX’s ‘9-1-1’ premiered without Albert HanAdmirers of the character were concerned about John Harlan Kim’s future in the show. Kim’s AlbertHe does eventually appear in the fifth season, but not as an in-house firefighter. Station 118. HeGets assigned to another fire department and begins to learn the basics. InSeason 5, sixteenth episode. He expresses dissatisfaction with his career as firefighter to his brother ChimneyHe is motivated by his family to be a first responder, despite the fact that he lives in another country. Albert’s mixed feelings about the same. HoweverThis episode marks a pivotal turning point. Chimney Albert question the latter’s choice. IfYou may be wondering if AlbertWe have the answer to your question about LAFD leaving. SPOILERS Ahead

Is Albert Han Leaving LAFD?

InThe sixteenth episode of season 5. Station133 and 118 joined forces to save the employees of the 9-1-1 Call Center from a fire in their building. Albert ChimneyJoin hands to secure a tower. This is vital for dispatchers to coordinate with emergency services. WhileThe terrace floor of the building can fall, posing a danger to those on duty Albert’s life. Chimney holds his brother’s hand to not let him fall and eventually brings him up. TheAn incident can change the mind ChimneyHe has always wished to see his brother become a respected firefighter.

Is Albert Han Leaving LAFD? Is John Harlan Kim Leaving 9-1-1?

AlbertHe grew to love his brother. ChimneyBeing a hero in the firefighter profession. WhenHe was at the stage in life when he could choose a career. AlbertWe wanted to repeat the success ChimneyHe made his brother proud. WithoutTake care of his unreadiness AlbertHe tries his best to be a firefighter, and he succeeds when posted to LAFD. StillHe realizes that this job is not for him. Since he doesn’t want to disappoint Chimney, AlbertHe pushes himself to stay at the department, but eventually realizes he is not his brother and must confront life-threatening predicaments.

AlongWith Albert, ChimneyHe also realizes his brother is not him. As a brother and a firefighter, he doesn’t want AlbertTo be on the field only half-heartedly He asks his brother to pursue a career he likes wholeheartedly and not settle for anything that doesn’t satisfy him. Since AlbertReceives permission from ChimneyWe can expect him leaving LAFD and his career firefighter. AlthoughWe may not yet see the formality of a formal resignation, but we are close to it. AlbertTo pursue something that makes him happy, he leaves LAFD.

As AlbertFans of the show should be alarmed at the impossibility of seeing the character leave the department. John Harlan KimThe next episodes of the show will feature these characters. SoIt is KimWhat about the procedural drama? Let’s find out!

Is John Harlan Kim Leaving 9-1-1?

AlthoughFOX has not issued an official statement on the matter. John Harlan Kim’s departure from the ‘9-1-1,’ the chances of AlbertLAFD leaves signifies that the actor may be leaving the show. DueTo Kim’s involvement in ‘Nancy Drew,’ the actor’s screentime in the fifth season was affected. In addition, KimYou are part of the cast for the upcoming Apple TV+ show ‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ and ABC’s drama pilot ‘LA Law,’ which seemingly makes his availability a concern for ‘9-1-1.’ ThusThere is a possibility that KimHe is moving on to other projects.

Is Albert Han Leaving LAFD? Is John Harlan Kim Leaving 9-1-1?

On May 2, 2022, Kim shared his love for ‘9-1-1’ fans, writing, “the @911onfox fandom will always have my heart!” Kim’s words seem like a farewell message for the admirers who have loved his performance in the procedural drama. ConsideringThese factors and other possibilities are what we believe will make us happy. John Harlan Kim may leave ‘9-1-1.’ EvenIf AlbertLAFD and KimHis exit from the show confirms, and the actor may return to series in the future as the uncle Jee-Yun.

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