Is Beauty a True Story? Is the Movie Based on Whitney Houston?

Netflix’s ‘Beauty’ tells theStory of theThe eponymous character charts her struggles with her family. aWhile trying to make her career, she had a secret affair with a man. theMusic industry WrittenBy Lena WaitheDirected by Andrew Dosunmu, theStory is a intimate portrayal of relationships, and how they are affected by each other. theStardom is a pressure. Thefocus onWe touch upon deeply personal topics, including identity. aVery subtle, but very effective. ItWhat makes us think? theFame and the price one has to pay. theStrive to achieve success.

TheFilm flows effortlessly, moving seamlessly from one scene to the next. aYou lose track of the time during a transition. OneThis is theReasons theThe reason viewers are so invested in it is that they never do anything too much. ItIt is grounded in reality, making them more real aA close-to-home thing is better than something far away that happens to others. This connection makes us wonder if theStory has roots in reality IsIt is based on a true story? Was Beauty a real-life person? Here’s what you should know about the film.

Is Beauty Based on Whitney Houston?

While, officially, the film doesn’t acknowledge any real-life singer to be its inspiration, one can’t help but notice aThere are many things to be aware of the plot of ‘Beauty’ that match theOne of the most memorable stories in life theThe most beloved singers ever, Whitney Houston. The story of ‘Beauty’ is set in the 80s New Jersey. HoustonAlso, it was from New JerseyShe began her career around the 80s. Like Beauty, HoustonBelonged to aNormal family, and her mom. CissyWas? a singer too. CissyTrained WhitneyTo sing from a very young age. BeautyHas two brothers AbelAnd Cain. CainTurns out, he is their half-brother. HoustonHe also had two brothers. OneThey are all there. Gary GarlandHer half-brother was.

MuchLike theThe protagonist the film, HoustonSigned by a prestigious label at a very young age. InIn fact, before she inked theDeal, two more labels were trying to get her but her mother insisted on letting her daughter spend the money. aFew more years and there will be no spotlight. on her. In theFilm is also available Beauty’s mother wants her to take a few more years to get ready for what’s to come for her in theMusic industry

AnotherImportant aspect of Beauty’s life that coincides with Houston’s is her love story. BeautyIn love with Jasmine, and their relationship is frowned upon by her parents, who don’t approve of JasmineNone at all WhenShe moves to New York, JasmineAnd BeautyThey can live together, but they must maintain their relationship. a secret lest it affects Beauty’s career. Houston’s JasmineWas Robyn Crawford.

TheyThey met as teenagers, and they still have a relationship today. HoustonStardom began with her humble beginnings. CrawfordShe was with her. ThereRumours circulated about their relationship, but they denied them. theLate 80s. However, aSeveral years later Houston’s death, Crawford said that they’d had romantic entanglements at theStart of her career. She called their relationship “intimate on all levels”. But HoustonIt ended when things started to improve for her and she needed to take care her public image.

AnotherWe are certain of this because BeautyIs Whitney is when she tells her agent that she doesn’t know how to sing black or white. SheSimply knows how to sing. ThisIs aDirect reference to theTime WhitneyWas criticized for singing too white, or not enough black, Houston’s response was theSimilar to Beauty’s.

ConsideringIt has many similarities to the plot, it is safe to say that ‘Beauty’ is somewhat inspired by theThe life you want Whitney Houston. TheFilm does allow for some creative freedoms, such as in the case of film. HoustonSigned by Clive DavisWhile BeautyIs signed by Sharon Stone’s character. TheHeart and soul of theStory are however very similar to that of theLegendary singer.

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