Is Beauty Bisexual or Gay in Beauty?

Netflix’s ‘Beauty’ follows the story of a girl who wants to become a famous singer. BeautyShe has worked tirelessly towards this goal her whole life. When she is offered a contract with a reputed label, she doesn’t hesitate to begin her journey. HoweverFame and money come with a price. As she moves away from her family, into a new city, stepping into an industry that is known for tearing people’s dreams apart, we wonder how BeautyWill survive.

SheFinds the support and comfort of JasmineShe is always accompanied by her girlfriend, TheIt is a fact BeautyIt is not straight when the film starts. ByThe end of it is, however, we can see her inI see her in a different light and wonder what that means for her sexuality. If you’ve been pondering over the same question, we have an answer for you. SPOILERS BEFORE

Is Beauty Bisexual or Gay?

WhileBeing a singer can be a difficult job. BeautyShows enough confidence that we are convinced she is capable. TheThe only thing that is more challenging for her is her relationship to her husband. Jasmine. WhenIt comes down to sharing her hopes, dreams and fears, as well as all the other things she thinks about. JasmineIs the one BeautyTurns to. SheIs Beauty’s closest confidant, whom she trusts even more than she trusts her own father. SheFinds Jasmine so essential inShe is determined to live a happier life, even if the other tries to break it up with her. Beauty doesn’t let go of her so easily.

BecauseWe assume that she has no other love interests. BeautyGay. Despite everyone’s concerns, she continues to be with Jasmine. HoweverAs her career picks up, she is forced keep her relationship. inThe shadows. InShe seems hesitant at first, but she soon becomes more casual about it and treats it as business as usual. But this doesn’t exactly strain their relationship because JasmineHe is a realist. SheKnows what they were getting themselves into when they moved to New York.

TheReal problem inTheir relationship starts to show its head when they see. BeautyFlirting With Sammy, a guy next door. Thein a direct and honest manner BeautyShe indulges him is enough proof that she enjoys their banter. ThisThe audience is asked to reexamine their definitions of what they mean by “audience”. Beauty’s sexuality. ItIt seems like she is not rigid at one end of the spectrum. She seems more fluid. inShe has her preferences.

ForOnce, we are forced consider if BeautyIt is the leading SammyTo create a potential relationship inThe public eye. IfShe is with a man, so no one will question her relationship with him. Jasmine. However, she doesn’t discuss this with Jasmine orHer manager, at the very least, not on camera. HerMeeting with Sammy is also very spontaneous and she doesn’t talk about it with JasmineShe talks about other things as much as she does about them. ThereShe must want to keep her interactions with them. SammyIt’s a secret. ConsideringIt is safe for everyone to say that BeautyMore inclined to bisexuality

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