Is Ben Edwards Dead or Alive?

‘The Terminal List‘ is a military action thriller series developed from the 2018 book of the same name by AmericanAuthor and former NavySEAL Jack Carr. It is part of the ongoing ‘Terminal List’ series. TheShow tells the story Lt. Commander James Reece (Chris Pratt), a highly respected NavyLeader of the SEAL platoon. FollowingThe deaths of his family members and teammates. ReeceEveryone is to be killed TheShow derives its title form the list that ReeceHe keeps one of his drawings by his daughter on the back. TheHe adds more names as he unravels the mystery surrounding the violent deaths of his family members. HeHe also realizes that everything that happens to him is due to a massive conspiracy. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Terminal List’ season 1. SPOILERS Ahead

The Terminal List Season 1 Recap

TheSeries begins with ReeceHis team and he prepare to embark on a mission. Aleppo, Syria. ForThey have been tracking for a long time Chemical KahaniAnonymous IranianExpert in chemical weapons AccordingAccording to the intel, he is now within the reach of the US forces. HoweverThe mission quickly turns into a disaster. MostOf Reece’s men are killed. OnlyHe and Ernest “Boozer” Vickers manage to escape. ShortlyBefore returning to the USA, Reeceis approached by war correspondent Katie Buranek (Constance Wu), who asks about the mission. Predictably, ReeceHe refuses to speak.

AfterReturn to Coronado, CaliforniaWhere? ReeceHe lives with his wife Lauren (Riley Keough) and daughter Lucy (Arlo Mertz), he begins experiencing headaches, paranoia, memory issues, and hallucinations. LaurenThinks Reece hasn’t recovered from the concussion he suffered during the mission and urges him to visit a neurologist. Meanwhile, BoozerDespite the fact that it seems like suicide, ReeceRefuses to believe it. WhenHe realizes that his condition has worsened than he thought. He finally visits the doctor. HoweverTwo masked assassins storm the facility. ReeceIt is there. TheyYou can kill the doctor but not the patient ReeceThe other one is killed and injures, forcing the other to flee. ReeceHe suddenly realizes that the assailants have his gun and rushes home to find it. LaurenAnd LucyDead, killed by Reece’s own gun.

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A portion of ReeceHe considers the possibility of being the one who killed his daughter and wife. HoweverHe suppresses this part and convinces him that Kahani’s agents were responsible. However, SecretaryOf Defense Lorraine Hartley (Jeanne Tripplehorn), whom ReeceEarlier, they met at Boozer’s funeral, visits him to deliver the news that Kahani. ReeceBelieve it! Josh Holder, the NCIS agent assigned to his wife and daughter’s case, is one of the assassins. WithHe relied on the support of his best friend Ben Edwards (Taylor Kitsch), a former SEAL and CIA operative, ReeceAccess to Holder’s apartment. AlthoughHe discovers that Holder didn’t kill his wife and daughter, he did supply information about ReeceHis family to a man named Saul Agnon (Sean Gunn).

In episode 3, titled ‘Consolidation,’ ReeceMeets up with KatieShe tells her about AgnonWho is it? Reecehe found that the Vice PresidentOf Asset Managementat Capstone Industries, a company with a 60-billion dollar investment pool. KatieShe made some discoveries on her own. SheHas gotten Reece’s medical files and showed them to a neurologist. ReeceA walnut-sized brain tumour has been discovered at the node connecting the hippocampus to the amygdala. ItsSymptoms include symptoms that include exactly the things that Reece has been experiencing — headaches, paranoia, and memory issues. HoweverWhen she and ReeceShe realizes that she is being shot at by an assassin. ReeceThe truth was always out there.

As ReeceHe perseveres for vengeance and is supported by Ben, former Army pilot Liz Riley (Tyner Rushing( MexicanBusinessman Marco Del Toro (Marco Rodríguez). ReeceAnd KatieLearn more Steve Horn (Jai Courtney) is the mastermind behind the entire conspiracy. KatieHopes to expose HornShe appears to be the only one in the world, but she quickly realizes that ReeceYou will not be satisfied.

AfterKilling Holder, Agnon, Marcus BoykinThe remaining assassin was also murdered LaurenAnd Lucy, Horn, Commander Bill CoxJAG Captain Howard, Admiral Gerald Pillar, ReeceSets his eyes on HartleyThe season 1 finale. LikeShe was one of the other players in what happened to his family members and comrades. ReeceAlso, it is shown that the information about KahaniSource: CIA

The TerminalList Season 1 Ending: Is Ben Edwards Dead?

Yes, Ben EdwardsIt is dead. As ReeceAnd KatieFind out Nubellum PharmaceuticalsOne of the most important is Capstone’s subsidiaries, had developed a drug called RD 4895, which is supposed to stop the encoding of trauma on the brain, effectively preventing PTSD. TheHowever, trials with rats or dogs proved successful. HornHuman trial was rushed. Howard, Pillar, CoxThe drug was ordered to be administered to Reeceand his men. WhenThey realized that the SEALs had brain tumors and sent them on their doomed mission. Unlike others, Hartley didn’t take any money from HornBecause of her experience with her father, she genuinely wanted to find a treatment for PTSD. SheI was willing to go to great lengths to get the desired outcome.

Is Ben Edwards Dead or Alive?
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Sometime after HartleyShe kills herself KatieInforms ReeceThat Oberon Analyticsa mysterious company named after which it was discovered in Horn’s computer, is routing through a bank in Peru. Earlier, BenSubmitted Reece he was planning to retire in Máncora, Peru. ThisThis is the final revelation of the season, and the final piece of the puzzle. When ReeceConfronts BenThe latter admitted that he had given the false information to his former colleagues after learning about the tumors. He believed that his former comrades would rather go out with their boots on. NeedlessHe received $20 million from CapstoneIt was his decision.

Although we don’t exactly see ReeceIt is safe to assume, based on the shot, that BenIt is dead, given that Reece hasn’t spared anyone in the list. After Ben’s death, ReeceFinally, we seem to have found some closure. HeTakes Lucy’s drawing in his hand one more time and kisses it before dropping it into the ocean.

Where Is Reece Heading?

On Ben’s sailboat, ReeceFind a map. TheCamera focuses on MozambiqueThis means that ReeceIs heading there. TheExtended family Reece’s friend Raife HastingsLiving in Mozambique. Raife has been mentioned multiple times in the first season of ‘The Terminal List,’ but he doesn’t make an appearance. ThisThe season 2 is set up perfectly In ‘True Believer,’ the second book in the ‘Terminal List’ series, ReeceCrosses the Atlantic Oceaneventually, it makes it to the Niassa Game ReserveIn MozambiqueWhere? Raife’s uncle owns a business called RH Safaris. HeSpends a few weeks with the HastingsThe US government is contacting his family to find him to help with a situation that is developing in the country. Europe.

Is Ben Edwards Dead or Alive?

TheShow also skips another from Carr’s original book. ItIt is revealed in the epilogue Reece’s tumor is benign. A doctor at the clinic leaves a message on his voicemail, but his phone is currently under FBI custody. Reece doesn’t learn about it until chapter 31 of the second book. IfIt will most likely be a part the narrative when the second season is completed.

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