Is Big Lies in a Small Town Based on a True Story? Where Was it Filmed? Lifetime Cast Details

DirectedBy Danny J. Boyle, Lifetime’s ‘Big Lies in a Small Town’ is aThe thriller movie revolves around Rachelher teenage daughter Hannah. WhenTheir car was involved in an accident outside aThe former discovers that her daughter is missing from a small town. NotJust like that, people start to die one after another. RachelAttempts to find Hannah. SheSoon, she discovers that her daughter was kidnapped. aDoctor decides, with his wife, to use the teenager as a replacement for the tragically lost daughter.

RachelSave as much as possible Hannah from playing at being someone else’s daughter forever, though the path is far from easy. TheMovie presents viewers with aThe story is an exciting and suspenseful ride that you will be hooked on as the story unfolds. FansThey expressed their eagerness for more information about the Lifetime movie’s talented cast and the eye-catching backdrops that help bring the narrative alive. ManyThey are also curious to know if the thriller is true. onA fictional or real story. WellWe are here to answer all your questions!

Is Big Lies in a Small Town a True Story?

No, ‘Big Lies in a Small Town’ is not based on a true story. TheMovie was written by Danny J. BoyleAnd Nicholas Jackson, with the former occupying the director’s chair. Despite being aFictional tale, but the storyline is very similar to real life. LifetimeIt seems that thriller shares many elements with real-life incidents. TheThis could be because you might have heard or read about similar events taking place inReal life.

As portrayed inIn the movie, the doctor and the wife suffer aTragic loss when their teenage daughter is killed. InsteadThe antagonists are shown as someone with pure nefarious intentions. LifetimeThe movie portrays characters viewers can empathize and relate to, even though their actions may be immoral. TheirMotivations are born out of the deep grief that comes with losing someone you love. aA cherished child, which is certain to strike aConnect with your parents inThe audience. Similarly, Rachel’s desperate attempts to get her child back are understandable to the same section of viewers.

Despite the story of ‘Big Lies in a Small Town’ being fictional, itGives aIts authentic emotions give it a sense of reality, despite its authenticity. a thriller. WhileIt is not possible to predict the sequence of events. onWith the characters on board, viewers can’t help but to understand why they act the way that they do. SuchMany movies are made from portrayals that appear true, despite being fictional.

Big Lies in a Small Town Filming Locations

‘Big Lies in a Small Town’ was filmed in British ColumbiaEspecially in Vancouver, Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh First Nation. The movie’s principal photography began inThe latter half of February2022 and ending in March of the same year, under the working title ‘Where Is My Daughter?.’  Now, let’s get to know about the places inWe will go into greater detail.

Vancouver, British Columbia

TheCity of Vancouver served as one of the most significant shooting sites for ‘Big Lies in a Small Town.’ MoreoverThese pivotal scenes were shot inThe Unceded MusqueamNearby lands Vancouver. PopularlyAlso known as Hollywood NorthThe bustling metropolis of, is well-known for its unassuming skyline and well-developed infrastructure. This has been used to tape many productions throughout the years. InThe city has featured in numerous publications. in Lifetime movies such as  ‘Lies Between Friends‘ and ‘He’s Not Worth Dying For.’

Squamish, British Columbia

LocatedJust north of Vancouver, SquamishIt is aA small town that is worth seeing inNumerous scenes in ‘Big Lies in a Small Town.’ ThanksBecause of its proximity to the Coast Mountains, itIt is well-known for its hilly backdrops. aPopular tourist destination that offers outdoor sports facilities and natural landscapes. Given its picturesque locales, the town has been used to tape several movies like ‘Antlers‘ and ‘The Journey Ahead.’

Tsleil-Waututh First Nation, British Columbia

The Tsleil-Waututh First NationIt is a First NationsBand government inThe British ColumbiaProvince, where cast and crew apparently recorded important portions. TheThe area is home the Coast Salish peoples who speak hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓, the downriver dialect of the Halkomelem language. TheThe region is naturally rich and boasts many breathtaking scenic locations.

Big Lies in a Small Town Cast

Rhonda DentThe role of Rachel in ‘Big Lies in a Small Town.’ YouYou may recognize the actress from her works. in ‘WarmingAs high as You‘ and ‘Secret LifeA Student.’ SheIs joined by Kristina ParasWho are the essays? Rachel’s daughter, Hannah, inHer first feature film of full length. Matt Hamilton portrays Max; HamiltonHas been a partOf many productions like ‘Campfire Christmas‘ and ‘A Snapshot of Forever.’ OtherCast members include Ashley Alexander (Kerry), Anna Van Hooft, Brent Stait, Dax Belanger, Natalie von Rotsburg.

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