Is Brotherhood Based on a True Story? Where is the Netflix Show Filmed?

CreatedBy Pedro Morelli, ‘Brotherhood’ or ‘Irmandade’ is a Brazilian crime series set in mid-90s São Paulo. TheFollow these steps Cristina Ferreira, adedicated lawyer who discovers that her father is her brother Edson, was imprisoned. Edson runs aCriminal group known as the Brotherhood. TheLaw enforcement forces Cristinato spy for her organization and infiltrate her relatives’ organization the police. However, theMore time she spends together the group, theMore she begins to question theJustice has a meaning.

TheSeries stars Seu Jorge, Naruna Costa, Hermila Guedes, Lee TaylorWho is the one who brings? theComplex characters can bring life to your life. ApartIts captivating storyline is what keeps you hooked. the show’s visuals allow theThe immersive experience offers viewers an immersive experience. isIt’s hard to beat. WithFans can’t help but wonder what this amazing work looks like in each aspect. theThe birth of show. WhereWas theShow filmed, and isIt is based on a true story? Well, here’s all you need to know!

Brotherhood Filming Locations

‘Brotherhood’ isFilmed primarily inside Cubatão, São Paulo, Quatro Barras, CuritibaIn Brazil. FilmingThis is theFirst season of theThe show was held in late 2018 or early 2019. Let’s take a closer look into theThese locations are detailed.

São Paulo, Brazil

The city of São Paulo, theCapital the eponymous Brazilian state, where ‘Brotherhood’ isFilmed and set. With a diverse population and developed infrastructure, São Paulo is theThe largest city in the country. ItServes as one of the country’s financial and cultural centers. LocatedNear the Santos seaport, Cubatão isAnother primary location within the state of São PauloThat isUsed to shoot multiple scenes the crime series. São Paulo hAs been home to many popular productions, including ‘Sense8‘ and ‘Black Mirror.’

Paraná, Brazil

Paraná isAnother BrazilianState that the hosts the production of ‘Brotherhood.’ Curitiba, theCapital city of Paraná, isYou can use this to capture multiple scenes. TheCity hosts aLarge population and heavily contributes to the country’s economy. DueIts rich history and culture are a testament to its diversity CuritibaServed as aMultiple projects can be shot at the same spot. Themunicipality Quatro BarrasNear CuritibaYou can also see them in the crime series. SeveralProductions have made their choice the area to film their shows, such as ‘Insânia’ and ‘Alice Júnior.’

Is Brotherhood a True Story?

No. ‘Brotherhood’ isNot based on a true story. TheSeries was announced by Netflix on July 12, 2018, under the title ‘The Faction.’ SetIn the mid-90s Brazil, theShow explores the country’s legal and law enforcement systems and theThere were flaws in them that were apparent. Pedro MorelliCreated thePresent crime series theWith aA thrilling tale that explores theProblems within the system.

Is Brotherhood Based on a True Story? Where is the Netflix Show Filmed?

“In a country where people have grown used to appalling levels of violence, ‘The Faction’ (‘Brotherhood’) addresses theContrary BrazilianReality is aWay to better understand theOrigin of the problem,” Pedro shared. “At theAt the same time, it is aThis thriller is suspenseful, high-voltage, and will make you shiver. the audience hooked.”

Through theCharacter of Cristina, PedroIntroduces theEach audience member is given a little bit of advice. theRealism behind the system. Initially, CristinaShe dedicates her entire life to the work of the interior. thelegal system and playing by the books. HoweverOnce she is able to get to know you, the criminals she isSupposed to spy onShe soon realized that their crimes are not what defines them. As aMember of the Brotherhood, the former lawyer learns about theMany people live a harsh existence. SheAlso, it becomes familiar theViolence has become an integral part of their lives. The show’s leading female character appealed to NetflixAlong with the setting of ‘Brotherhood.’

Is Brotherhood Based on a True Story? Where is the Netflix Show Filmed?

“What drew us to ‘The Faction’ (‘Brotherhood’) isThat through thePerspective of Cristina theInvites for series theTo be explored by the audience the inhospitable prison universeThis is São PauloThis is the 90s through an electrifying dramatic thriller,” Erik Barmack, the Vice President of Original ContentFor Netflix, explained. “Cristina’s trajectory of empowerment and corruption isIt is intertwined to that of thefaction and will appeal NetflixMembers around the globe.” While the story of ‘Brotherhood’ isIt is not real theQuestions raised within theShow effort to convey theReality of theTime it is set in. The audience isIntroduced to theHow to solve the intended problems thePeople in BrazilThey faced their struggles.

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