Is Christina Related to Arnold Weber and Dr. Robert Ford? Theories

Christina’s introduction in the fourth season of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ is nothing but an astounding development for the ardent admirers of the show. TheGame writer, who looks exactly as Dolores AbernathyAlso, shares Dolores’ way of waking up, a significant aspect of the latter. ToShe creates a storyline to enhance the mystery around her. Dolores’ narrative in the Westworld. AsThe characters share many similarities. Viewers must be curious about these characters. toFind out if Christinais in any manner connected to Arnold Weber and Dr. Robert FordWho was the one who conceived? Dolores andHer stories. Well, let’s find out! SPOILERS Ahead.

Is Christina Related to Arnold and Dr. Ford?

ChristinaInitial introduction as a gamer living alone in a lonely life New York CityWithout any connections WestworldOr Dolores. ItIt is unlikely. ChristinaIs even aware of Dolores. HoweverHer connection with Westworld becomes evident when the symbol of the park’s maze appears in her apartment. AlongWith the viewers ChristinaAlso, the same goes for unable toThe connection between her and you andThe symbol. SinceShe is related in some way to Westworld, there’s a possibility that she is related to Arnold and Dr. FordYou can also find them here.

FirstIt is unlikely, first of all. Christina and DoloresThe appearances are identical, and there are no connections. ConsideringThat ChristinaA man who resembles him also stalks her Teddy Flood, Dolores’ dead lover, we can most likely rule out coincidence. If Christina and DoloresAll of them are interconnected in some manner. ChristinaHas toBe related toAt least ArnoldWho was the one who created? Dolores. Arnold adored Dolores andConsidered her his masterpiece. SinceShe is the first ever host. WestworldAll other hosts were based on her. ArnoldEven referred Dolores to as “human,” as a result of his adoration for her.

For Arnold, DoloresHe was like a living being. and he didn’t treat her as a typical host. ConsideringHis affection towards DoloresHe might have even created it. Christina in his masterpiece’s image. ArnoldYou might have wanted a copy Dolores to lead a typical human’s life instead of being a rich people’s puppet. AfterProbably recreating ChristinaPerhaps he had released her? to “freedom” while the real Dolores was “confined” in Westworld.

Is Christina Related to Arnold Weber and Dr. Robert Ford? Theories
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If Arnold didn’t create Christina, Dr. FordShe might have been in Dolores’ image toHonor us by paying homage toHis best friend andHis creations. When Arnold died, Dr. FordHad been created BernardIn Arnold’s image toKeep his best friend safe. TheA doctor might have created ChristinaAt the same time andIt was taken from Westworld toRecognize Arnold’s notions of freedom. DoloresIt was re-created many times toYou can adapt to several distinct storylines and ChristinaYou can even be one of them and live an independent life outside of the amusement park.

CreatingIt is possible to make copies of his loved ones. Dr. FordIt has been done regularly. From Arnold’s copy, Bernard, toThe host versions are his own family. FordMany of these hosts have been conceived by Hassan Ali to acknowledge the respective individuals’ significance. ChristinaOne of them can be her, which is also why she meets the symbol for the maze. TheA symbol signifies an inward journey the host can complete toRecognize your own existence and origin. UponIf she sees the symbol, she might try to identify it. toFind the source and lead her to Westworld. ChristinaYou may be surprised to find out. ArnoldOr Dr. FordPerhaps she was created by them, which explains her relationship with the scientists.

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