Is Cree Summer Married? Who is Her Husband? Does She Have Kids?

TheVoice-over artist for some iconic characters in animated television Cree Summer Francks isA veteran of the entertainment industry. NotShe is not only that, isShe was also an actor and singer who was part a band in her 20s. AsAn actress in her most memorable role isThe free-spirited Winifred “Freddie” Brooks in the TV series ‘A Different World’ from 1988 (season 2) to 1993. However, she began her acting career in 1983 when she was merely 14 years old, as the voice artist for the animated science fiction comedy series ‘Inspector Gadget.’

CreeFrom 1983 to 2006, he created over 101 animated characters. He continued his work even after that time, participating in many animation films. SomeAs one of her most memorable roles in animation, it was Elmyra DuffAnd Mary MelodyIn the 1990 comedy series WB’s ‘Tiny Toon Adventures,’ Susie CarmichaelIn Nickelodeon‘s 1993 comedy series on a group of toddlers ‘Rugrats,’ Aka Pella in WB’s 1998 educational series ‘Histeria!,’ Miranda in Nickelodeon’s 2000 comedy-drama series ‘As ToldBy Ginger,’ and Princess ‘Kida’ KidagakashIn Disney’s 2001 science-fiction adventure film ‘Atlantis: The Lost Empire.’

OtherMore than that? CreeAlso, see: Numbuh5 in Cartoon Network‘s 2002 series ‘Codename: Kids Next Door,’ Penelope in 2002 animated fairy-tale film ‘BarbieAs Rapunzel,’ Foxxy LoveIn 2004 adult animated sitcom ‘Drawn Together,’ Valerie Gray in Nickelodeon’s 2004 action-adventure series ‘Danny Phantom,’ and Blackarachnia in 2007 superhero series ‘Transformers: Animated.’ She has done voice acting for multiple video games and worked as an actor and staff writer in 2022 in the show ‘Better Things.’ WithFans of this incredible journey are sure to enjoy it. Cree must be curious to know more about her, and we’ve covered just that!

Cree Summer’s Family

BornOn July7, 1969 Los Angeles, California, CreeShe lived in her close-knit family until she died. British ColumbiaAnd later on Toronto. HerMother is Lili ClarkWho is it? isAn adopted member of The Plains Cree First NationsWith African-Americanorigins, and her father is the famous CanadianActor and musician Don Francks. SheHe also has a brother who was a VJ and is now an actor. Rainbow Sun Francks.

Cree’s fashion isShe admits to being inspired by her mother’s hats and flowing dresses. Cree lovingly calls her mother “hellcat” and keeps several things, clothes and shoes that belonged to her mother. She was also very close to her father, who introduced her to the voice acting world as a child, and in a conversation with StyleLikeU, she said that she was a daddy’s girl. Cree further added, “I loved my daddy, he was the shining star of my life. We didn’t call him “Iron Buffalo” for nothing. He was my iron daddy and meant something to me.”

Cree Summer’s Husband

CreeHad been married to her husband, a filmmaker and photographer Angelo PullenIt has been around a decade. SheIn the same interview, Had said how they were meant to meet when he suddenly moved into her neighborhood and they fell in Love. ThatShe felt ready to start a new family and have children at the perfect time.

HoweverAfter spending nearly a decade together, the couple decided to part ways sometime in 2019. TheyNever officially declared it, but almost a full year after the dissolution, CreeMentioned being single on her Instagram. SheHowever, she did not give any reasons for their separation, but only said that she felt free to do things on her own.

Cree Summer’s Children

CreeA boy named previously was born to an older woman. Miles Franklin Summer-Pullens (born April 21, 1998), early on when she was in a band and wasn’t ready to take care of a child. SheHe was a man she had dated in a previous relationship and was later adopted by her husband. Angelo PullensThey were married when they were. LaterWhen she felt ready to go, AngeloShe gave birth to her first child. Brave Littlewing PullensIn March2011 and her second baby Hero Peregrine PullensIn January 2013.

AfterHer divorce was final. CreeShe talked about how scared she was about raising her daughters alone, as she was so dependent on her father growing-up. HoweverShe realized that it was better for her when she became independent and took care of her children. Now, Cree lives happily with her two young daughters AKA “#mamaandthesavages” who get to see every side of her and appreciate her in all aspects. TheyThey enjoy dancing together and also like music, just like their mother.

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