Is Dopesick’s Bridget Meyer Based on Real DEA Agent?

‘Dopesick,’ created by Danny StrongThe drama series based on, is called on Beth Macy’s novel of the same name. The series explores the impact of OxyContin – an opioid-based drug launched by Purdue Pharma – on American society and its role in the country’s opioid crisis. WhileThe drug has adverse effects on several characters Bridget Meyeris one of them. Purdue Pharma’s claims regarding OxyContinAnd its marketing.

Meyer’s investigation is crucial in encouraging others such as Rick Mountcastle and Randy RamseyerTo investigate Purdue Pharma. GivenThe story is based upon actual events. Viewers should be asking whether they believe it. Bridget MeyerIs based onA real person. If you are looking for answers in those regards, we’ve got you covered! HereThis is all you need to know Bridget Meyer in ‘Dopesick.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is Bridget Meyer?

Bridget Meyer first appears in the series premiere episode of ‘Dopesick,’ titled ‘First Bottle.’ SheWorks in the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and learns about the misuse of OxyContin. Purdue PharmaOxyContin claims to be non-addictive and not like other opioid-based drugs. MeyerIt turns out that OxyContin is also being sold by dealers CocaineDuring a drug bust

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SheIt is now well-known that OxyContin has been one of the most popular drugs in the country. MeyerDecides to investigate Purdue Pharma’s marketing and the drug’s FDA approval to expose the truth. Soon, MeyerHer aggressive approach led to her being removed from field duty. Moreover, Meyer’s obsession with stopping the opioid crisis adversely affects her marriage, and she divorces her husband.

InThe series, actress Rosario DawsonEssays on the role of Bridget Meyer. DawsonHer role as Claire TempleIn Marvel Comics-based shows such as ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Luke Cage,’ and ‘Jessica Jones.’ SomeThe actress will also be recognized by viewers. Ahsoka Tano from ‘Star Wars’-universe shows like ‘The Mandalorian‘ and ‘The BookThis is Boba Fett.’

Is Bridget Meyer Based on Real Person?

No, Bridget MeyerIs not directly based onA real person. The character is a fictional creation to further the show’s narrative. HoweverThe creators of the character drew inspiration form the stories of several people in order to create it. Bridget Meyer. InInterview with The Hollywood Reporter, Rosario DawsonShe spoke out about the inspiration that inspired her character. TheActress reveals creator Danny StrongAfter speaking with many people who had first-hand experience with the opioid crisis, she was able to create her character.

Is Dopesick's Bridget Meyer Based on Real DEA Agent?
Image Credit: Gene Page/Hulu

“Some folks didn’t want to be a part of the project, vehemently so, because they were so burned by (the opioid crisis), which I thought was very telling,” DawsonShe explained why her character doesn’t look like any one person. “I felt like my character, being a composite of multiple people, was representing something very specific that was even kind of at odds within the DEA,” said added.

Dawson’s character allows the story to explore the early investigation into OxyContin and its abuse, which falls under the purview of the DEA. HoweverIt is possible that this investigation was conducted in reality by multiple individuals. ThereforeThis allows the creators to simplify a particular plot thread by using a fictional person. Ultimately, Bridget MeyerA composite character is one that has been shaped by the experiences of many people. HoweverThe story of her character is fictional, and there is no such person.

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