Is Duane Deaver Based on a Real Analyst? Where is He Today?

HBO Max’s crime series ‘The Staircase’ follows the death of Kathleen PetersonThe mysterious death of a person. Although Kathleen’s husband Michael PetersonClaims that his wife died from falling down a staircase, DA Jim HardinADA Freda BlackWe are confident that Michael isThe murderer. AfterAfter the autopsy, they consult a blood-spatter analyst Duane Deaverto confirm their theories.

AfterYou can recreate the crime scene by using mannequins, and other materials. DeaverIt is concluded that Kathleen is beaten to death. As Deaver’s testimony plays a significant part in Michael’s trial, the viewers must be intrigued to know more about the real-life connections of the character. Well, here’s what you need to know about the same!

Is Duane Deaver Based on a Real Analyst?

Yes, Duane Deaver isBased on aAn actual analyst AtThe time of Kathleen’s death, DeaverAgent in North Carolina’s State BureauThis is Investigation (SBI). HeAs an expert witness, he was present Michael’s trial to explain his findings as aBlood-spatter analyst after examining the blood pattern at the crime scene InHe testified at the trial that the blood pattern was consistent. Kathleen PetersonBeing beaten to death, rather than being beaten to death. Michael’s claim that she fell down the stairs. HeAlso, the bloodstain was found in Michael’s shorts further indicates that Kathleen’s death was the result of an assault.

Is Duane Deaver Based on a Real Analyst? Where is He Today?
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AtThe trial date DeaverHe was a SBI veteran of 18 years, which apparently increased his credibility. AsThe jurors were evaluated according to reports Deaver’s findings an essential part of their deliberations and subsequent verdict, which found PetersonThe murder of Kathleen. In 2010, Greg TaylorAfter being convicted of murder, he spent 17 years in prison aSBI found that the woman had been exonerated DeaverHe withheld his findings/results in the case.

The BureauInvestigated the cases of DeaverHe was a prolific writer and was fired by the SBI in 2011. Deaver’s actions during Greg Taylor’s trial harmed the credibility of his testimony in Michael’s trial. AccordingSBI discovered that the analyst had exaggerated both his training and expertise. onWhile giving testimony, the subject Michael’s trial. The analyst’s claim that he had written 200 reports for the BureauDuring the trial, it was reportedly dismissed at the time by then-SBI Assistant Director Eric HooksThat was revealed by, DeaverOnly 47 reports were written during his 24-year-long career.

In2011, judge Orlando Hudson, who presided Michael’s trial in 2003, granted another trial for Michael. InThe same year, MichaelReleased on$300,000. Bail and house arrest InHe entered the an AlfordPledging guilty, sentenced for time already served

Where is Duane Deaver Now?

AfterSBI gets fired DeaverThey fought against the Bureau on the grounds of “wrongful termination.” North Carolina Human Resources CommissionThis is what we found DeaverShould have been demoted and his pay reduced by 10%, rather than being fired. BureauTo pay the analyst 34 months’ back pay. The CommissionAlso, the BureauHe was right to fire me with regard to Michael’s case in 2013. Years later, DeaverAlong with aa colleague was sued Dr. Kirk Alan Turner, who was acquitted aFor trying to match their scientific findings to murder, you could be charged with murder a theory. SBI eventually settled the lawsuit.

Is Duane Deaver Based on a Real Analyst? Where is He Today?
Image Credit: Netflix/YouTube

AfterHis time at SBI, DeaverEvidently, left North CarolinaFor Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. AsSources say he started out as an employee of the company. a manager in Aramark HealthcareAnd eventually, became DirectorThis is Environmental Servicesof the same company. In2015, he reportedly quit AramarkJoined aFacility service company DirectorThis is OperationsIt is located in San Antonio, Texas. HeHe has chosen to keep his private life private.

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