Is First Class Scripted? Is Netflix Show Real or Fake?

Netflix’s ‘First Class‘ delves deep into the lives of the successful group of friends in Barcelona. InterestinglyThe group is made up of people from all walks of life who share a common obsession with lavish parties, high-profile social lives and indulgences in all things money can buy. MoreoverWhile we are able to see their lives and how they navigate the top of society, the show also includes drama and romance that makes it more interesting.

HoweverWith so much luxury, affluence and comfort on display, it is easy to wonder if the show has been scripted. BesidesSeeing the extravagant parties and picture perfect lifestyles blurs the line between real life and television shows is amazing. Thus, to clear doubts once and for all, we decided to jump in and find out if ‘First Class’ is indeed unscripted!

Is First Class Real or Fake?

Right from the moment ‘First Class’ was announced, NetflixIt has been referred to as an unscripted television series. HoweverReality shows must be viewed with caution. Once a show has been in pre-production, producers can manipulate how we interpret the events to make it more dramatic. ThatAn unscripted series promises us that we will see whatever we want. orHear on the show happens spontaneously, and producers never prewrite any scene orExecute a pre-planned act before the cameras.

Interestingly, ‘First Class’ shows all the signs of a completely unscripted series, as not only do the cast members show off their perfect lifestyles, but they also reveal some of their most embarrassing secrets in front of the camera. AtSometimes it is easy to feel a little fake about the perfect parties and events. However, considering how the show follows the who’s who of BarcelonaIt is only natural that they would be part of such extravagant and exclusive events. MoreoverTo add authenticity, none of these events are hosted by the production. They are instead organized by the cast, in places they are familiar with.

InterestinglyWhile cameras follow the cast as they go about their day, the people who are involved are not afraid to share everything on television. For starters, artist Aldo ComasDesigner Archie Alled MartinezThe cameras were invited into their studios to provide a candid look into their professional lives. On the other hand, most of the cast members behaved as if the cameras weren’t present when they discussed their personal lives and encouraged Marc Patsyto renew his vows with wife. Additionally, the show even documents a tarot-reading session, which uncannily reveals a few of the cast’s deepest fears and secrets for everyone to know.

Is First Class Scripted? Is Netflix Show Real or Fake?

Even though the events documented on ‘First Class’ aren’t scripted, viewers must keep in mind that editing has a lot to say about the version we get on our TV screens. UsuallyUnscripted series manipulation is subtle. The production team makes slight changes to keep the audience engaged and attentive. Nevertheless, these changes are almost negligible, and when watching ‘First Class,’ one can rest assured that the on-screen proceedings are as accurate as they can be.

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