Is Fortnite Down Right Now May 17 2022? Server Status – When Will the Servers Be Back Up Today

There’s a new FortniteUpdate today to find out what that means theServers are down for scheduled maintenance Here’s when they should come back online on May 17, 2022.

ThereThere are still two weeks before Christmas theEnd of FortniteChapter 3. Season 2. For me personally, it’s been one of theThanks to the Zero BuildBeing introduced into the game.

HoweverWhen it comes time to add new content to your site the game during the season, it’s been fairly dry. Since theLaunch of Chapter 2 Epic Games haven’t updated theThey have spent time creating collaborations and game with more interesting features or items.

TheTwo weeks ago, the last major update was published. Epic GamesThey have confirmed this. theFinal patch update theSeason, v20.40 will go live later today, along with the Fortnite Status Twitteraccount announcing theServers will be taken offline for maintenance.

Is Fortnite Down (*17*)? May 17th, 2022

EveryTime a new patch will be announced Fortnite, it’s tweeted on theOfficial FortniteStatus Twitter account. TheAnnouncements will always include theTime the servers will go offline for scheduled maintenance, and there’s no expectation with theAnnouncement the May 17th, 2022 patch.

Are Fortnite Servers Down May 17 2022

The Fortnite servers are currently down and will remain down for at least two hours, which we’ve based on theTime between previous updates and downtime theThe past few months. TheCurrent FortniteServer status today MayBelow is a list of 17th, 2022)

Fortnite Server Status 17th May 2022

The FortniteServers ARE DOWN May 19th, 2022. We’ll update this as soon as they’re back online. In theIn the meantime, why not take a look at our FortniteEdition of WordleClick HERE.

When Will The Servers Be Back Up?

Epic GamesWe will not announce a time theServers will be restored online. TheServers were down for just three hours the last update. Based on that, we’re guessing theServers will be back online at approximately 7 AM ET / 12PM GMT.

We’ll update you under theSection on server status: theServers are now back online

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