Is Gotham Knights on PlayStation 4/Xbox One?

After2020 to be announced Gotham KnightsWas projected to be released in 2021 onPC and all current-gen consoles and last-gen consoles with only the Nintendo SwitchDo not miss out. FollowingA delay into 2022 may have contributed to the problem of dividing development resources among so many platforms. After all, it’s not unheard of for specific platform versions of titles to be canceled during development.

WithCan you still expect that you will play? Gotham Knights onYou can find more information at PlayStation4 or Xbox One?

Is Gotham Knights on PlayStation4. Xbox One

Gotham KnightsIs no longer being released on PlayStation4 or Xbox One. ItThis is the only launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox SeriesX/S and X/S with PC. TheOfficially, the cancellation of the last-gen versions were announced on May10, 2022 along with a 13-minute gameplay trailer Knightwing Red HoodIn action

AccordingThis decision was made to provide the best possible experience for players, according to a press release that was sent out the same day. If you’ve been keeping up with rumors and leaks, you might have expected this news. In April, TaiwaneseRating failed to refer to PS4 and Xbox OneThese versions were canned by the sign of a.

Developed on Unreal Engine 4, Gotham Knights doesn’t appear quite as visually ambitious as Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: KillThe Justice LeagueIt is also used Unreal Engine 4. This might suggest that the decision to drop last-gen consoles was made late in the development cycle, with the gameplay ramifications a current-gen only launch difficult to ascertain until it is in players’ hands.

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