Is Howard Dead or Alive? Why Does Strand Kill Him? Did Omid Abtahi Leave FTWD?

The seventh season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘FearThe Walking Dead’ depicts Howard’s rise as the deputy leader of the Tower. In Victor Strand’s absence, HowardEvery significant development in the building is attended to. Especially after Alicia proclaims war against StrandFor the Tower, HowardHe does his best to avoid any threats to the establishment. HoweverIn the 12th episode of season 7, his entire life is in danger. Strand becomes suspicious of his deputy’s loyalty. Naturally, the viewers must be intrigued to know more about the character’s fate and Omid Abtahi’s future in the show. Here’s what we know! SPOILERS Ahead.

Is Howard Dead or Alive? Why Does Strand Kill Him?

HowardIt is dead. InLightening the blow of war against Alicia Morgan, StrandPerforms a search within the TowerTo find walkie talkies that his settlers used for contact with his enemies Astounding him, StrandOne of them is found in Howard’s room as well. TheLeader of the TowerRealizing that he cannot trust his deputy any more, he decides he will kill him. John Dorie Sr. to admit to planting the walkie talkie-talkie in Howard’s room. StillTo the bewilderment John Howard, Strand demands JohnTo throw HowardKeep away from the Tower’s terrace to the ground to kill him.

Is Howard Dead or Alive? Why Does Strand Kill Him? Did Omid Abtahi Leave FTWD?
Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

AsIt is far more than StrandIt is concerned HowardIt is not an integral part of the Tower. He knows that the motivation behind his deputy’s hard work has always been his longing to welcome his family to the haven. HowardProtects the TowerHe believes that his estranged wife, and son, will one day arrive at the haven to join him. RatherDo not fight for Strand, HowardHe has been fighting for his hopes and longing to reunite his family. When Strand comes to know about the deaths of his deputy’s wife and son, he realizes that HowardHe will not be motivated enough for him to fight for the cause. TowerOnce he has learned about the deaths.

Meanwhile, StrandAdmires John’s ambition. WhenHe realizes this. JohnInstalled a walkie talkie-talkie Howard’s room to earn his place in his community, StrandRealizes that he needs a partner. In John, Strand sees someone who will go to any length to materialize one’s wish, just like himself. Thus, StrandMakes room for JohnBy killing Howard. EvenHowever HowardWhen he dies, he reanimates and becomes a walker. He joins the countless biters who roam around the wall of The. Tower. SoDo you? Howard’s death means Omid Abtahihe had left the show? Let’s see!

Did Omid Abtahi Leave FTWD?

EvenNevertheless, neither AMC nor Omid AbtahiOfficially, the actor has announced his resignation. Howard’s death indicates that Omid had most likely left ‘FearThe Walking Dead.’ Since Howard’s death seemingly completesThe story arc of the character, it is extremely unlikely that the actor is still a part of the show. Although the Tower’s deputy leader reanimates as a walker, the dead joins the endless number of biters to become insignificant, without leaving much scope for a continuation of the character’s storyline.

Is Howard Dead or Alive? Why Does Strand Kill Him? Did Omid Abtahi Leave FTWD?
Image Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

SinceThe likelihood of seeing HowardVisions orOur dreams are very low. We may have seen all of our dreams. Omid AbtahiThe show. Furthermore, OmidWas recently cast in Apple TV+’s upcoming crime series ‘CityOn Fire,’ which might have made his availability for the show a concern. AsThe seventh season is about the impending war between Strand Alicia’s forces, it is a guarantee that Omid’s HowardThe will be missed in Tower.

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