Is In Love With My Partner’s Wife Based on a True Story? Where Was it Filmed? Lifetime Cast Details

DirectedBy Lindsay Hartley, Lifetime‘s ‘In Love With My Partner’s Wife’ is aDetective is the focus of a thriller movie Paul Ford. AfterRealizing that his partner was the one he needed Frank MillerHe abuses his wife Eve Miller, PaulHe tries to save her from the toxic relationship. HoweverThis is what causes upsets FrankWho decides to frame PaulFor a murder. This is the power of these forces PaulTo try to evade law enforcement EveHe is accompanied by his family to escape Frank. DuringThe pair starts with the run aPassionate relationships are built on genuine appreciation.

The movie’s intriguing plotline with several twists and turns has helped itYou will have many admirers. FromIts cast of talented actors, as well as its attractive backdrops, are some of the elements that make this film special. it aFan favorite. NaturallyViewers are eager to learn as much as possible about the show. Lifetime thriller. ManyIt is hard to not wonder if the movie’s events are based on true events. WellWe are here to answer your question and many others.

Is In Love With My Partner’s Wife a True Story?

No, ‘In Love With My Partner’s Wife’ is not based on a true story. TheFilm was written by Paula Rahn, whose other works include ‘His Killer Fan‘ ‘Rock and Roll Christmas.’ Lindsay HartleyAs director, takes the reins. SomeOther films helmed By Lindsay include ‘WhatThe Nanny Saw’ and ‘Killer Ambition.’ The LifetimeThe thriller is possible aFictional story, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t. itReality is completely removed from it. InThe issue of an abusive spouse is a real possibility in real life.

ConsiderThe incident that took place in VirginiaIn July 2022. Diane Crowder, aA 53-year old woman and her 35 year-old daughter. Carrie SzakszApparently, they were shot to death by Diane’s husband, Richard CrowderWho was once aPolice officer. TheAfter the deaths, the bodies of both women were found. aLong standoff that lasted almost nine hours between the local authorities. Richard. Diane’s aunt Judy PulleyAnd uncle John PulleyThe incident occurred after the women tried to flee. Richard’s abusive ways.

CasesLike that of Diane CrowderThey are unfortunately much more common than you might think. WhenThe abusive husband is aThings tend to get messy when you are part of the local police enforcement. aQuite a bit more complex. Hence, Eve Miller’s situation in the movie is certainly not out of the realm of reality. So, ‘In Love With My Partner’s Wife’ may not be exactly aTrue story, but itIt may contain elements viewers might relate to.

In Love With My Partner’s Wife Filming Locations

‘In Love With My Partner’s Wife’ was filmed primarily in Los Angeles, California. TheProduction of the movie began in April2022 and was completed in the first weeks of May 2022, under the title ‘My Partner’s Wife.’ Let’s take aCloser inspection of the filming location Lifetime thriller.

Los Angeles, California

TheCity of Los AngelesIn CaliforniaThe production of Lifetime’s ‘In Love With My Partner’s Wife.’ TheCast and crew seemed to have had great fun. onThe set. Actress Gina VitoriWho plays? Eve MillerShe expressed her gratitude via social media and thanked the entire team for making the experience so enjoyable. Nicole Pulliam (Captain Anderson) also shared her joy about the thriller with her followers and was with the opportunity.

Located onThe shores and the Pacific Ocean, Los AngelesThe heart of western entertainment has been there for decades. TheMany well-known studios can be found in the area, which allows moviemakers to easily shoot their projects. ApartFrom the scenic advantage that it offers, CityOf AngelsIt is home to many artists who are vital in making the area a success. aFilm is a success ApartFrom the Lindsay Hartley directorial, Los Angeles has also hosted the production of ‘The Gray Man‘ and ‘Bullet Train.’

In Love With My Partner’s Wife Cast

Actor Andrew Spachassumes the role Paul FordThe Lifetime thriller. You may recognize him from his work in ‘The Single Mom Conspiracy,’ AKA ‘An Organized Killer.’ TheBeautiful Gina VitoriStars Eve MillerThe film. Her other acting credits include ‘Killer Stepmom‘ and ‘Deadly Girls Night Out.’ CompletingThe love triangle is Jonathan StoddardWho plays? Frank Miller. TheActor has also been a part of ‘Nightmare PTA Moms‘ and ‘Lies My Sister Told Me.’ OtherThere are several appearances in the movie Isabella OliveiraAs Andrea Billings, Nicole PulliamAs Captain Anderson, Corbin TimbrookAs Callaghan, Robert MillerAs Brian.

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