Is Instagram Logo Changed? – May 2022

Many InstagramUsers have noticed a change in the logo. Although, there aren’t many differences users are questioning whether the logo has been changed.

Instagram’s logo was last updated in 2016 and so far the logo has undergone four design changes in the past.

HereThese are the previous logo designs

Is Instagram Logo Changed? - May 2022

Thefirst-Ever InstagramThe logo was created in 2010 and has been updated in the years since.

SoLooking at the logo recently, can we confirm that it has been redesigned. Let’s find it out.

Has Instagram Changed Its LogoIn 2022?

Instagram hasn’t made any announcement about the logo redesign and changes.

HoweverYou can see that the logo is brighter and more colorful now than it was before.

So, we can say that the logo has changed although there isn’t much difference. InstagramIt has only enhanced the existing colors without changing the design.

Also, the ring around the people’s stories has changed. ItLooks brighter and more vibrant

IfYou are an active participant InstagramThese small differences might have been noticed by the user.

PeopleMoved down to TwitterIt has received mixed reactions from people who have shared their opinions about the new logo. Many people liked the new logo while some don’t.

LetLet us know what you think about the new in the comments Instagram logo.

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