Is Jailbreak Lovers on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime? Where to Watch it?

Lifetime’s ‘Jailbreak Lovers’ is a thriller drama film that revolves around TobyA woman falls in love with a convicted murderer locked up and develops a plan toBreak up with her new lover. DirectedBy Katie BolandThe movie features some outstanding performances by a group talented actresses and actors, including Catherine Bell, Tom Stevens, Roman Podhora, Kalyn Miles, Elinet Louicius. WhatThis watch is even more captivating because it is inspired from a true story. SoIf you are interested, toFind out more about the Lifetimefilm and how toYou can watch it, we have all you need!

WhatIs Jailbreak Lovers About?

TheThe story tells the story about a once law-abiding citizen. TobyShe has lived her whole life by a set principles. SheShe married the only boy she dated, and they have a happy family. toRegular attendance at church has been a blessing and has never been in trouble with the law. WhenShe loses her job and sets up a non profit organization toShelter rescued and abused dogs at a local jail ThingsYou can take a wild twist when you TobyYou get caught up in a steamy affair John, a convicted murderer. TheA couple creates a plan. toWith the help of a dog crat, you can free him from prison. DoYou wish toLearn how John TobyManage toDo it? ForYou would have done that. toCatch the movie live. Here are all the ways you can watch ‘Jailbreak Lovers’ online!

Is Jailbreak Lovers on Netflix?

No, ‘Jailbreak Lovers’ is not available on Netflix. HoweverIf you are interested, to watch something similar, we recommend you watch ‘Outside In.’ Although the movie doesn’t involve a prison-breaking element, it highlights the relationship between a convicted criminal and a woman who advocates for his early release.

Is Jailbreak Lovers on Hulu?

Unfortunately, ‘Jailbreak Lovers’ is not a part of Hulu’s massive catalog. But there are plenty of other alternatives that the streamer houses, such as ‘Papillon‘ and ‘Escape From Pretoria.’

Is Jailbreak Lovers on Amazon Prime Video?

Although ‘Jailbreak Lovers’ is not included in Amazon Prime Video’s extensive collection of movies and TV shows, you can always tune into similar films about jailbreaks that are available onThe streaming giant. We recommend you watch ‘Alcatraz‘ and ‘Breakout.’

Is Jailbreak Lovers on HBO Max?

HBO MaxSubscribers may be disappointed to know that ‘Jailbreak Lovers’ is not available onThe streamer. But it shouldn’t let stop you from checking out other alternatives at your disposal. You may enjoy watching ‘The Next Three Days‘ and ‘Escape Plan.’

Where to Watch Jailbreak Lovers Online?

Since ‘Jailbreak Lovers’ is a LifetimeYou can watch film on Lifetime’s official website. MoreoverYou also have the option to watch thriller dramas on Philo on demand on Spectrum on Demand.

How to Stream Jailbreak Lovers For Free?

Fortunately, PhiloOffers a free week-long trial toAll of its new subscribers, so that you can take advantage on the trial period to stream ‘Jailbreak Lovers’ for free. Other than that, you don’t have any other way toCatch the LifetimeFilm is now free of charge HavingWe ask our readers to do the same. toAvoid using illegal methods toInstead of watching their favorite content they can pay for the subscriptions toSupport the art of cinema.

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