Is Kylie Still Friends With Jordyn? Know Here Kylie Jenner Opens About Her Friendship With Jordyn

Is Kylie Still Friends With Jordyn?

AfterA night of partying at SHOREbar Santa Monica, Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn WoodsConnected to Khloé Kardashian’s then-boyfriend, Tristan ThompsonIt is shocking Kardashian-JennerFans all over the world are in February 2019. WoodsWas photographed “making out” with Khloé’s then-boyfriend ThompsonShe has a daughter with her husband TrueIn February 2019. ThompsonAnd Khloé broke up,And Jenner and WoodsTheir seven-year relationship ended, even though the model initially denied it. SoWhat really happened? Is KylieStill friends with Jordyn? ContinueContinue reading to learn more.

KylieAnd Jordyn Friendship

2012: KylieAnd JordynThrough a mutual acquaintance, they met. Jaden SmithIn the summer.

2013: TheAnnual Kardashian-Jenner Christmas Eveparty is a Beverly HillsTradition is and JordynBecause of her connection to Kylie.

2014: WoodsHe has seen all of it. Jenner’sHer older sister also reached major milestones in her life. Kim Kardashian’sWedding Italy.

2016: KylieAnd JordyCelebrity tattoo artist JonBoy made their friendship official and they got matching tattoos. On each of their small fingers, a red squiggly lines appeared.

2017: JordynAnd KylieIn the season finale, they chose to take the final step LifeOf Kylie: marriage! TheyWhile in Peru. EvenAlthough the marriage was fictional, the vows they took were priceless.

2018: KylieAnd JordynYou made the decision to travel. Paris Fashion Week together. Virgil AblohLV presented LV to honor a friend and designer.

2019: Jordyn made a cameo on Kylie’s InstagramWhen the two of them went on a vacation to the beach together, Stormi.

2020: Right after Valentine’s DayThe following news broke: Tristan ThompsonWas I dating someone who wasn’t Khloé Kardashian…and that someone was none other than Jordyn Woods. TheAccording to reports, two people “were all over each others” at a house party.

Kylie Jenner Still Friends With Jordyn

WoodsThen, Kylie Jenner’sLifelong friend and best friend, was he? Tristan ThompsonThe father of Khloé Kardashian’s child True, according to reports in February 2019. The adultery scandal strained WoodsRelationship with the KardashiansOfficially, she ended her friendship with Jenner, 22. ItAlso, the breakup between them led to Kardashian36, and Thompson, 29. AccordingTo find a source KardashianConfronted ThompsonLearn more about the infidelity scandal February18 and “he confessed to it.” SheThe couple ended their relationship. ThompsonIt was apparent that he denied the affair. TwitterOn February19: “FAKE NEWS” in a post that has since been deleted. HoweverShe agreed to it eventually. 

ThompsonOf course, he has a history with cheating issues with other females. JustBefore KardashianTheir daughter was born True ThompsonIn April2018: He made history for the first time. ItHis entire process took almost a full year. February2019 meeting with WoodsTo make headlines KardashianAnd ThompsonThey reconciled and were later confirmed to be dating again in the future. July 2020. “MySisters are more important to me than any grudge or issue I might have with another person.” Kylie told.

Kylie Jenner No Longer Friends With Jordyn

JordynAnd KylieAfter the scandal, they took care of their own business, both in person or via social media. TheyYet, they don’t follow each other on InstagramIn 2022. KylieAlso, refuses to follow Jordyn’s mother, Elizabeth, or her younger brother. Jodie. The SecndntureThe founder does not follow any of them Kardashian-JennerFamily members KylieAnd Jordyn’sBFF photos, including those of Kylie’sDaughter Stormi Webster, haven’t been removed. FinallyThey have not communicated publicly via the internet for more than two years. KylieOn the other side, he published a YouTube clip in October2020 titled “Rating My Halloween Costumes”, in which she featured a 2015 selfie Jordyn. KylieComment:WeShe had a great night, even though she won’t acknowledge it.

What Does Khloe Say About Kylie’s Decision?

Khloé had earlier noted that she had never stood in the way of KylieAnd Jordyn reconnecting. “I’mSo sick of this story I’mI’m trying to control my sister, or tell her who she can hangout with.” “I’veShe said that she had never, and I mean never recommended to my sister who she could be friends with.Sheis an adult who can do what she wants. I will stand beside her in any endeavor she chooses! MyMy sister and my heart are inseparable ThatIt means I will always love and respect my sister unconditionally, no matter who she chooses to be friends with. She added.

Is Kylie Still Friends With Jordyn

Kylie Jenner Still Friends With Jordyn

Kylie Jenner No Longer Friends With Jordyn

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