Is Learn to Swim a True Story? Is the 2021 Movie Based on Real Life?

DirectedBy Thyrone Tommy, ‘Learn to Swim’ is aThe romance drama that follows theThe turbulent relationship of Dezi Williams Selma. ThisIs theStory of love, loss and grief told with a musical ambiance. The movie takes theViewers on aThrough intense emotions, a journey to experience them DeziAs he struggles to live in, theBoth the past and the present.

Starring Thomas Antony OlajideAs theTalented saxophone player Dezi Williams Emma FerreiraAs the rising singer Selma, ‘Learn to Swim’ is Tommy’s debut full-length feature film that premiered at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival. As DeziEfforts toGet out of his head and SelmaAlthough lively, but with her own emotional baggage, they make a great team. aStormy couple ManyYou were intrigued by theDynamic of theCouple and are curious toKnow if theReal events inspire characters and stories. Let’s dive into it find out!

Is Learn to Swim a True Story?

No, ‘Learn to Swim’ is not based on a true story. The movie’s screenplay is penned by director Thyrone Tommy and  Marni Van DykTogether they weaved aA beautiful and painful love story. InExclusive interview with CFC ThyroneThis is a mention of theThis story was inspired a poem titled ‘Not Waving But Drowning’ by Stevie Smith. HeAlso, reveals the origin of ‘Learn to Swim’ and says, “ItGet started aStroll through theCFC gardens and my co-writer Marni [Van Dyke] – she was at theCFC at theSame time with us [Thyrone, Alona and Thomas] – and we were just talking about ideas. SheHad gone to Europe [and had these story ideas from her encounters there]I talked to you about my time in New Orleansmusic, and my experiences with past love and lost love. theIt is a terrible thing. AndWe came toThis idea of creating aStory that was based on a poem, ‘Not Waving But Drowning’ by Stevie Smith.”

AfterSince its inception theThe story was first told on toBecome aA short film the same title ‘Learn to Swim.’ EventuallyWith support from Telefilm TalentCBC Films, the Toronto Arts Council, the CFC/Netflix Calling Card Accelerator the CFC/Slaight Music Festival, theStory was created as aFilm featured TheCombining Dezi, a controlling person who shuts down when something doesn’t go theIt should be. Selma, aChanteuse with astrong sense of self, were meant toYou can fall in love with one another.

In the movie, as jazz is theLanguage of Dezi SelmaIt opens aWindow to theWorld of contemporary jazz musicians ItIt is equally beautiful and painful. toSee them in love. ‘Learn to Swim’ keeps going back and forth in time, as if scrolling through memories or a shuffle playlist. AndAs we find DeziReplaying happy memories of his band, and sweet moments from theBeginning of his relationship with Selma, theAudience feels his emptyness. Later onIn theMovie, as DeziGo on toLive aHe lives a lonely life and withdraws from his band. the saxophone. HeStarts as an instrument repair technician.

Learn to Swim

CFC asks ThomasAbout the most challenging part about the movie and he elaborates, “TheThe most difficult aspect of theIt was a crucial role theIt is an important aspect. DeziIs a musician – he spends most of his life in music, and particularly with the saxophone. I played theSaxophone at grade elementary school Grade 7 – and very poorly at that – so, theThe challenge was how to do it. aA short time period with no a lot of resources, do I look like I have been carrying this instrument with me every day, all day.”

HeEven discussed the most exciting part of filming ‘Learn to Swim’, expressing, “TheMost rewarding part was theAn artistic family. I was delighted by theIdea of meeting these people again and getting up toTell theStory to theWe did our best, and I was equally delighted toStay up to theWee, wee hours theMorning toTry toAll you need theDay (Enjoy the laughter). And toPlay opposite Emma FerreiraWho plays? Selma Torres, to explore those scenes with her – jump in each time and try to do justice to Thyrone’s story, was very rewarding.”

Learn to Swim

As ‘Learn to Swim’ expresses coping when drowning in emotions, it delivers music meditation and raw romance that leaves a lasting impression in the viewers’ hearts. Thyrone Tommy and Marni Van DykThese characters are intricately written and crafted. theMany wonder if the tender moments they share are not just for them, but for everyone else. theStory and characters were derived directly from a true story.

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