Is LOL (2012) Based on a True Story? Where Was it Filmed?

Remake of the 2009 French movie ‘LOL (Laughing Out Loud)’ directed by Lisa Azuelos, ‘LOL’ is aAlso directed and written 2012 teen romance-comedy movie Azuelos. TheNarrative revolves around a high-school student named Lola. She goes through the highs and lows that most teenagers go through — friendship, romance, and overbearing parents. AtThe very beginning of aShe starts a new school year aHeartbreaking breakup with her boyfriend

HoweverSoon enough Lola’s world turns upside down when her best friend, KyleHe reveals his feelings for her. The Miley CyrusThe drama unfolds in -starrer, which takes viewers back to their high school days. Lola’s school, making you wonder about the actual filming sites that appear in the movie. MoreoverBecause the film is based on several realistic elements, it’s a good choice. it makes one question — is itBased on aTrue story or not? WellLet us share our knowledge and help you to clear up your doubts.

Is LOL Based on a True Story?

No, ‘LOL’ is not based on aTrue story, but itIt is aRemake of the FrenchVersion as above. EvenAlthough the overall story is completely fictional, aThere are very few elements and characters like LolaWe were inspired by personal experiences. AzuelosShe went through it with her teenage daughter. ForFor instance, she shared in April 2012 interview with ‘The Conversation’ magazine that the main characters were inspired by herself and her daughter. WithThe help of Anne LolaShe was able come up with aSimilar mother-daughter relationships to hers.

AfterRealizing that there were no teen movies being made in this country, France, AzuelosTaken itOn her own to make aFilm relatable to the young generation at that time, including her daughter. ByShe wanted to create a story that was unique for the teens. ButThe moment her daughter threw a party was what really motivated her to write the story. aBirthday party at their house LisaHe was asked to keep out of sight. ThatThis was when she first came to. aRealizing how her daughter had grown and how their relationship had changed, she began to write.

ApartFocusing onIn addition to her own mother-daughter relationships, she wanted to make this film also for all the mothers who shared her story. aTheir relationship with their teenage daughters is complicated. SoShe was gone onShe went on a mad interviewing spree to gather more maternal perspectives and to collect as many themes as possible to include in the film. To reiterate, the narrative of ‘LOL’ might not be based on aTrue story, but itCertainly, there are many aspects of real life that highlight these aspects. aTeenagers are more likely to experience hardships in life.

LOL Filming Locations

‘LOL’ was filmed in the United States FranceParticularly in Michigan, Illinois, and the city Paris. ThePrincipal photography began in order to make the teen movie. July2010 and wrapped up Septemberof the same year. EvenAlthough the parent version was filmed in, ParisThe production team decided to film most of the remake in India. ChicagoOr Detroit-doubling-ChicagoAs it is quite aIn this city, you will find many famous romcoms and sophisticated cities. ChicagoAt the time. So, without further ado, let’s take aLook at the locations shown in the film!

Wayne County, Michigan

Many sequences for ‘LOL’ were taped in Wayne CountyThe most populous county in the country is Michigan, which doubled in value Chicago. The Grosse Pointe South High Schoolat 11 Grosse Pointe BoulevardIn Grosse Pointe Farmsstood in for Wrigley High School. InIn addition, UniversityThis is Detroit MercyFound at 4001 West McNichols RoadIn DetroitThe filming location was also used.

Is LOL (2012) Based on a True Story? Where Was it Filmed?

MoreoverCast and crew members traveled to the following cities. Dearborn, Taylor, CantonAll of them are located within. Wayne CountyTo record some more scenes that are crucial for the movie. AsFor the BattleYou can find the BandsThey moved north to the county and shot the scenes at Eagle Theatre. AlthoughTemporarily closed itIt is aNightclub located at 2-28 North Saginaw StreetIn the city of Pontiac.

Chicago, Illinois

Is LOL (2012) Based on a True Story? Where Was it Filmed?

TheProduction team also shot aSeveral sequences onLocation in ChicagoThe largest city in the United States is. Illinois. ThanksBecause of its diverse and vast landscape, the city has been featured in numerous filming projects over time. Apart from ‘LOL,’ movies and TV shows like ‘Goodfellas,’ ‘Divergent,’ and ‘Prison Break‘ are all recorded in Chicago.

Paris, France

In September 2010, the cast and crew of ‘LOL’ moved their production all the way to Paris, the capital of and most populous place in FranceTo conclude the last scenes of the film. ItIt’s only right that some parts of the remake were shot on the same filming location as the original movie. ParisAlso known as the CityThis is LoveMaking it aThe perfect setting for a romantic movie such as ‘LOL.’

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