Is London Kills a True Story? Is the TV Show Based on Real Life?

CreatedBy Paul Marquess, London KillsIs a British PoliceSet up procedural series London. TheShow follows elite murder investigation squad led by DI David BradfordHis wife puts him under fire. Sarah, disappears. ApartFrom theThe main plotline theSquad members investigate other killings the LondonArea to search the perpetrator(s). SomeThese cases are most definitely aMind twister and bring it on! aThere is a lot of suspense. the show.

ThanksTo theIncredible acting by Hugo Speer, Sharon Small, Bailey Patrick, Tori Allen-Martin, theSeries is very popular among the viewers. TheFeatured crime cases have also been drawn the public’s eye with their realistic details and unexpected endings. Many can’t help but draw parallels between theElements within theReal life and series. TheThe procedural show is very meticulous in keeping theMany people are curious about how things can be made as real as possible. the show’s origin. IsIt is based on aTrue story, or is that fiction? aFictional creation Let’s take a closer look into theRoots the series.

Is London Kills a True Story?

No, ‘London Kills’ is not based on a true story. TheShow is, in fact aFrom one to the next British crime drama, titled ‘Suspects.’ ThePrequel was aCreation of Darren FairhurstAnd Steve HughesTogether with Paul Marquess. When theShow ended MarquessGo onTo create theNext London-based series. The two dramas share aSimilar style of narration and execution. TheThere were many similarities the fans of ‘Suspects’ clamor over to watch theDesigned sequel Acorn TV.

Image Credit: Gideon Marshall/BBC/Acorn Media

After theShow was greenlit MarquessCould not contain his excitement. the same. “I’m delighted to be making London KillsFor Acorn. I’m convinced that LondonIs theThe perfect backdrop aContemporary police series Shane Murphy (Managing Director, Acorn Media Enterprises) loved theIdea from the first pitch – and he and his team have been brilliantly supportive throughout the process,” Marquess Share via Deadline. “WithRegular characters are drawn with acute detail and a variety of compelling murder investigations – as well as an intriguing serial narrative running right through it – London KillsIt is shaping up to be aSharp, smart, and timely procedural drama We can’t wait to start shooting.”

Though theAlthough the show does not depict real-life events it does draw inspiration from them. ThisHelp the makers provide theaudience with authenticity. TheThe intimate details that result from studying real-life murders can help you engage. the audience even more. Each episode focuses on aParticular case theSquad tries to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Sometimes, the themes conveyed through crime’s backstory can be similar to theEpisode or theSeason overall OthersEnd up tying in direct to theMain plot NoMatter the situation, the cases provide aYou can’t ignore the suspenseful feeling. the viewers.

Is London Kills a True Story? Is the TV Show Based on Real Life?
Image Credit: Gideon Marshall/BBC/Acorn Media

AnotherFactor that makes a difference the audience feel the show’s realism is how theCharacters are depicted. Hugo SpeerWho plays? theHe has been a good lead inspector. “Detective Inspector David Bradford, he’s a good cop, he’s an honest cop, as honest as he can be, in that business,” theActor Submitted I Heart British TVIn an interview TheThere are obvious pros and cons to both theAllowable characters theThey will find it easier to relate to their goals and to sympathize with them. a mistake.

‘London Kills’ may not be based on aTrue story or several true tales. HoweverIt does draw inspiration from many real-life events. FromIt is easy for many to be curious about realistic cases and relatable characters. the show’s origins. It’s safe to say that theFans can be thankful Paul MarquessAnd theActors for providing them with the nail-biting series.

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