Is Look Both Ways Based on a Book?

DirectedBy Wanuri Kahiu, Netflix’s ‘Look Both Ways’ follows the story of aGirl named Natalie. SheThis is it acrossroads when she takes aTest for pregnancy onHer college graduation night. ThisThis is where her life takes two distinct paths. InOne, the test comes back positive and she decides to have the child and puts her career on hold. onThe back burner. InThe other timeline is negative, and she happily travels to LA to pursue her dreams. WhileAlthough the film is fictional, it does have the workings of aStory that seems cut from aA bigger story. ConsideringThat aLots of Netflix films are book adaptations, you must be wondering if ‘Look Both Ways’ is based on aBook also If so, here’s what you should know about it.

Is Look Both Ways a Book Adaptation?

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No, ‘Look Both Ways’ is not based on a book. ItA screenplay by a renowned screenwriter April Prosser. TheStory focuses onThe journey of NatalieEven though her story takes her in two directions, we find that everything turns out well for her no matter what her life path takes. For actress Lili ReinhartThe film’s protagonist is played by a producer, but it was the feel-good aspects of the story that drew her attention. “I read the script over two-and-a-half years ago and I honestly just thought it was so heartwarming and I really loved how in both lives for this young woman there was no right or wrong path, there was no bad life, so I just thought ‘This girl ends up being okay in both lives’, and that was really reassuring to me,” she said on Today.

ForDirector Wanuri KahiuFor whom this is their first venture HollywoodAs aDirector, the story was relatable because of what she had to go through aSimilar thing happened with her own pregnancy. This is where her life changed. “I felt it [the movie]It was partly my life in the sense that I can recall the exact moment I realized that I was pregnant and how my life looked. a parallel route. I believe in parallel lives and multiple existences, and it really appealed to me,” she told Variety.

In the film, the protagonist’s life takes two different routes and in both of them, she has her fair share of struggles and heartbreaks, though they look quite different from each other. By bringing this story to the audience, the filmmakers wanted to send out the message of living one’s life without any regrets, no matter what decisions one makes. BecauseThe pivotal event in the story revolves around the pregnancy of the lead characters. a special significance in today’s America.

WhileThe script was available for a long time a couple of years, ‘Look Both Ways’ was released after the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. TheIt was just the timing that was right. onThe director. “I’m so devastated by what happened with Roe v. WadeBecause it affects so much people, not just in the U.S., but all policies that were funded as well. aInternational results Even though this film is not necessarily about choice, I love that it tells any young woman that regardless of which way your life goes, if you truly follow your heart, you’ll be good. You’re making the right decision for yourself,” she added.

ConsideringWe can conclude that the film is not based upon real life. on aTrue story or aBook it! aVery realistic approach Natalie’s choices, and offers aVery heartwarming and life-affirming message for the viewers.

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