Is Louis Jones Jr. Dead or Alive? Update

When Tracie JoyMcBride decided that he would join the United States ArmyShe had no idea of what a terrible fate lay ahead. SheThe missing item was not found Goodfellow Air Force BaseIn San Angelo, TexasOn February18, 1995 and was later found to have been raped, beaten, and killed under a bridge. Investigation Discovery’s ‘The 1990s: The Deadliest Decade: SoldierOf Misfortune’ chronicles the horrifying murder and shows how the ensuing investigation pointed to someone inside the army. IfYou are intrigued by the case and want to know if the perpetrator is still alive. orWe are here to help you.

How Did Tracie Joy McBride Die?

Tracie JoyMcBride was only 19 years old when she was assassinated. She lived on the Goodfellow Air Force BaseIn San Angelo, Texas. AlthoughThe show mentioned that TracieShe had always wanted to be a music teacher and decided to join the armed forces when she graduated high school. However, being in the army wasn’t Tracie’s end goal, as she wanted to save up the funds for her college education and had high aspirations for her future.

On February 18, 1995, TracieAs usual, she was going about her daily duties on the Goodfellow Air Force BaseShe was kidnapped forcefully by an attacker. InterestinglyTwo other soldiers noticed the noise and tried to save the situation. TracyBut, the attackers knocked out one rescuer before making their escape. TheAuthorities immediately took the case up and had officers combing the surrounding areas within hours. EventuallyThey found the body of their kidnapper a few weeks later. TracieUnter einer Brücke in Coke County, TexasShe was pronounced dead at the first examination. LaterAn autopsy revealed that although TracieThe victim died after being repeatedly struck in the head by a heavy object. There were clear indications that the victim had been raped before she was murdered. HoweverSurprisingly, the clothes were clean and there was no forensic evidence to suggest a suspect.

Who Killed Tracie Joy McBride?

UnfortunatelyThe initial investigation into Tracie’s murder was relatively slow as detectives as no leads orWitnesses to work with. AlthoughThe death was categorized as a homicide. However, there was no evidence of a murder weapon at the crime scene. OnTop of that, the killer was very meticulous about leaving no trace, and law enforcement officials were unable even to extract a DNA sample. Besides, although the police canvassed the local area and sat down for several interviews with the victim’s acquaintances, there were no immediate suspects that came to mind.

Is Louis Jones Jr. Dead or Alive? Update

InterestinglyIn fact, the show mentioned that March1995, just a few more weeks later Tracie’s murder, a woman named Sandra LaneShe filed an official complaint about her ex-husband’s sexual abuse. Louis Jones Jr. LouisWas a Gulf War VeteranAlthough the police had no reason not to suspect him, he was nonetheless arrested. Tracie’s disappearance, they followed their hunch and began questioning him on it. Surprisingly, the suspect soon broke down and admitted to the kidnapping as well as murder and even led authorities to the victim’s body. HoweverHe kept denialing the rape and insisting that he had nothing else to do with it. Tracie’s sexual abuse. NeverthelessAfter the investigation was concluded, the police had enough evidence for them to tie the knot. Louisto the rape and placed him in custody for his involvement in this crime.

Is Louis Jones Jr. Dead or Alive?

Is Louis Jones Jr. Dead or Alive? Update

WhenPresented in court LouisAlthough he accepted responsibility for the murder, he claimed that he had inhaled the nerve gas while serving in the military. Gulf WarHe was convicted and sentenced to death. HoweverThe jury found him guilty in 1995 of capital murder. Once convicted, LouisHe tried to appeal the sentence but was denied every time. MoreoverHowever, his plea for mercy also failed and was ultimately denied LouisExecuted by lethal injection at The Terre HauteFederal penitentiary March 18, 2003.

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