Is Michael Alig Dead or Alive? Update

In March 1996, the “Club Kids,” as they were called, were faced with a collective tragedy when one of them suddenly went missing before turning up dead about a month later. Investigation Discovery’s ‘The 1990s: The Deadliest Decade: Death Of An Angel’ chronicles Andre “Angel” Melendez’s murder, delving into Andre’s early life and how he was killed by someone he thought was a friend. So, if you’re curious to find out more, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Andre “Angel” Melendez Die?

Andre “Angel” MelendezBorn in ColombiaIn May1971. He moved with his family to New York City, New York, in the early 1980s. InitiallyHe was described as a shy and quiet boy. However, he met the club crowd in the city which changed his outlook. AtThe 25-year old wanted to be an actor and make movies at the time. HeIn the end, they became part of the club scene. New York CityA group that held spontaneous parties in unusual places.

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AngelHe was known to have feather-covered wings and was a drug dealer at the time of the incident. The25-year-old woman suddenly vanished after March17, 1996, and nobody knew whereabouts. It wasn’t until the following month that his dismembered body floated ashore in Staten Island, New York. Angel’s legs were cut off from his body, and investigation later revealed that he died from asphyxiation and strikes to the head with a blunt object.

Who Killed Andre “Angel” Melendez?

Initially, Club KidsIt was started to help others feel like they were part of something. ItThe place became a safe space for gay children and drag queens. TheParties looked harmless enough at the start, with a quick gig at a subway station. orFast food restaurant HoweverOver time, people started to take cocaine, ecstasy and heroin. It was a dangerous scene for anyone who participated.

Is Michael Alig Dead or Alive? Update

PartThis scene was Michael Alig, a gay child from IowaWho had moved to New York CityAfter quickly becoming a promoter, he became more comfortable with the party atmosphere. MichaelWere aware Angel, who was living at Queens, New York, and had stayed at Michael’s place in the past. By 1996, MichaelA well-known figure in the club scene, with many connections. SometimeIn MarchHe learned of a potential DEA operation to arrest drug dealers in that year. MichaelLater, he said that he called the dealers and asked them not to go to the clubs that evening.

In a later interview, MichaelIt was revealed that AngelHowever, I showed up at one club and was turned down. He wasn’t even paid his wages that were in the club’s safe at the time. MichaelLater claims AngelHe showed up at his home a few hours later, high on drugs. AtThe time is now MichaelA man named Robert “Freeze” Riggs. AccordingTo Michael’s explanation, an altercation ensued regarding the money, with AngelHe is able to get the better of him. Then, FreezeWe have tried to help MichaelGet started by AngelHe used a hammer for hitting him. AngelHe was unconscious until then.

Then, MichaelWrapped a sweatshirt around his fist. Punched AngelMany times. While FreezeThe police were informed by the informant that Michael poured detergent down Angel’s throat, Michael maintained that didn’t happen. He added, “I didn’t smother him – he died of asphyxiation, but I didn’t put something over his face and go like that. We just thought he was unconscious, which wasn’t uncommon for people in my house. So we put him on the couch.”

Is Michael Alig Dead or Alive? Update
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ButThe duo realized their dream. Angel wasn’t breathing. InThey decided to cover it up with a drug-fueled stupor and put the body in an Ice-filled Bathtub. DranoIt can be used to mask the smell. MichaelAnd FreezeWhile on the job, I took more drugs Angel’s body lay there for several days. AccordingTo Michael, about eight or nine days later, Freeze bought butcher’s knives and cut off Angel’s legs. TheyYou can put the legs in a bag and dump it into the river. Then, MichaelAnd FreezeThe rest of the body should be placed in a cardboard box and tossed in the compost bin. Hudson RiverIn New York City.

InThe months that followed were incredibly difficult. MichaelHad told others about killing Angel. NotOne witness even remembered that. MichaelTalking about murder AngelIt was only days before the crime took place. EarlierReports are also mentioned MichaelYou could steal as much as $20,000 from AngelAfter he moved in, he used most of the money to purchase furniture for his apartment. AngelHe was assassinated. TheHe was eventually arrested by the authorities. November 1996.

How Did Michael Alig Die?

In September 1997, MichaelI pleaded guilty in the first-degree to manslaughter Angel’s death. HeHe was sentenced to serve between 10 and 20 years behind bars. In May2014, 17 years later MichaelReleased amid media attention HeLater, he talked about his time inside prison and said that he continued to take drugs. But Michael changed after a few years, adding, “I can’t do this anymore. If I have to go through a year of withdrawal, well, you know what, I killed someone, and that’s the price I have to pay.”

Is Michael Alig Dead or Alive? Update
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MichaelHe was sober at the time he was released, and initially lived with a close friend. HeHe was reported to have been attending rehab meetings every other week and was currently working on his memoir. Michael later said, “LookingI feel shameful and disgust when I look back at the person that I was at that point. I was a selfish junkie that killed another human being. But that’s notThe Michael Alig I am today or the Michael Alig I was before I became an addict.”

ApartFrom there, MichaelWhile in prison, I painted, had a YouTube channel, was active online, worked on a clothing brand, and managed promotions at a club. New York City. HeA charity that helps young people learn journalism was also a part of my involvement. HoweverHis boyfriend found him dead from a heroin overdose at the 54-year old. Manhattan, New YorkOn December 25, 2020.

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