Is Myla Oaks’ Husband Dead or Alive? Update

ThePeaceful communities are usually Mann CourtIn Cleveland County, North Carolina, suffered a rude awakening Myla OaksHe was found dead on January27, 2016. Her husband. Jeff, was severely injured in the same incident. Law enforcement officials tried their best at getting to the bottom of this matter. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Fear Thy Neighbor: Rural Madness’ chronicles the tragic shooting and even follows Jeff’s life in the aftermath of the attack. Let’s take a closer look at the crime and find out where JeffIs it at the moment, shall we?

Who Was Jeff Oaks?

JeffHe lived with his wife. MylaTheir 12-year-old son, in with them Mann Court, North Carolina. A happy marriage with a loving husband and a life filled with friends and family was the best. JeffHe has never wished for anything, and those who knew him said that he was happy. MoreoverBeing a family man is a must. JeffHe loved spending time with his family and tried to be a great father to their 12-year old. TheyThey were the perfect example of a perfect wedding AmericanFamilies, and Myla’s shocking death is difficult to accept to this very day.

TheMorning of January27th of June 2016 was a regular day. JeffHe was ready to drive his son to the end of the gravel road, where he would board the schoolbus. AfterFather and son reached the end on the gravel road. JeffHis neighbor noticed him. Robert BridgesHe was able to get his car out. AccordingTo the show JeffAnd RobertA long-standing property feud that had become very serious over the years was on the verge to blow up. TheSituation had frequently threatened to get ugly, and their respective families couldn’t do anything to fix it.

NeverthelessWhen? JeffBe aware Robert getting his car out, the show alleged that he blocked his neighbor’s way. UnwillingTo stand still RobertHe drove his car into Jeff’s vehicle, leading to a massive altercation. Once Myla came on to the scene and noticed the commotion, she took her husband’s side and further angered their neighbor. UltimatelyOnce RobertHe reached breaking point and pulled out a gun, shooting at them both indiscriminately, hitting both in the head.

ThePolice were immediately notified and the first responders quickly moved to assist. MylaHJeffTake it to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, MylaA single bullet wound to the head left her dead at her home. JeffEven though he was shot twice, he managed to survive. SubsequentlyAuthorities are arrested Robert BridgesOn the same day, he was convicted for first-degree attempted murder, second degree murder, shooting into an occupied car and assault with deadly weapon with intent kill. AsAs a result, he was sentenced in 2018 to 65 years and 4 months in prison

Is Jeff Oaks Dead or Alive?

Is Myla Oaks' Husband Dead or Alive? Update

JeffHis life was in grave danger when he was also shot twice in head. Nonetheless, Doctor’s put their best foot forward, and after going through numerous life-saving surgeries, JeffYou have been freed from the jaws and death. YetThe injury left a permanent mark on his body. He was paralysed on his right side. Unfortunately, JeffInability to fully recover from the horrific attack and subsequent inability to save their lives. DecemberBy 2021 The OaksFamily has announced that JeffHe had finally left for his heavenly abode. The loving father of one is now present in his loved ones’ prayers, and we hope they find the strength to see themselves through such a dark time.

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