Is Natalee Linez’s Jessica Figueroa Leaving Power Book III: Raising Kanan?

CreatedBy Sascha Penn, ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’ is a crime-drama series set in South Jamaica, QueensIn the 1990s. The show is the prequel and spin-off of ‘Power’ and depicts how Kanan StarkOne of the main antagonists in the original series, ”The Promising Student”, transforms into a prominent drug lord. PortrayedBy Natalee Linez, Jessica FigueroaHe is one of the supporting figures in the series. JessicaIn which they were originally living BaltimoreWith her father. SheMoves to New YorkSo she can attend. Fashion InstituteOf TechnologyFind work. SheHer brother ShawnGet closer to the ThomasFamily, and Jessica begins dating Lou Lou (Malcolm M. Mays). Jessica also becomes the manager for her brother’s fledgling career as a rapper and starts closely working with Lou LouA recording studio is owned by. However, in season 2 episode 2, titled ‘Mind Your Business,’ JessicaSeems to be moving away South JamaicaFor good. HereThis is all you need to know. SPOILERS Ahead

What HappensTo Jessica Figueroa?

AtThe end of the initial season JessicaPlease do not hesitate to contact us Lou LouTo quit the drug business but not before. Lou LouHe has come to realize that there is no escape. AtThe second season begins, and the relationship between Lou Lou JessicaThis has been for the worse. Lou LouHas no intention to let ShawnHe will allow you to sing in his studio until you stop using weed.

Meanwhile, Jessica’s career seems to be going nowhere as well. SheIs it having an affair with Crown Camacho (Quincy Brown), a music producer, who arranges a job for JessicaIn Los Angeles. InThe second episode in the second season. Jessica’s attempt to prevent it, their mother throws their brother out. JessicaTells Lou LouShe is leaving, so she correctly suspects there is something going on between them. CamachoThey end their relationship. TowardThe end of the episode JessicaSays goodbye to her family, and leaves for Los Angeles.

Is Natalee Linez Leaving Power Book III: Raising Kanan?

Although Jessica isn’t necessarily a South JamaicaShe quickly became a part of the neighborhood and a native during her time there. HerThe note of finality that comes with leaving there is the result. Although JessicaShe tells her mother that she will visit her mother, but the older woman dismisses this idea, declaring that there is nothing. JessicaIn New York. AfterThe premiere episode of season 2 aired. LinezTo InstagramThank her co-star Maysfor always showing 110% in their scenes.

At present, Linez appears to be working on her upcoming series, ‘Tell Me Lies,’ a HuluDrama about the eight-year-old relationship that has been strained between two people. Lucy Albright (Van Patten) and Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White). TheSeries is a TV adaptation a novel by Carola Lovering. LinezPlays the role of a character named Lydia MontgomeryIn the series.

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