Is Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer Based on a True Story? Is Mickey Haller a Real Person?

‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ brings attorney Mickey HallerAfter recovering from an injury, you can get back to work. aPainkiller-induced drug habit Knownfor his work practice on the move — generally in the back of his Lincoln — MickeyPicks defendants with notoriously difficult cases and somehow manages them to spin them.

Season1 of the NetflixSeries focuses onThe high-profile assassination of a wealthy tech tycoon’s wife. Despite the narrative’s frequent plot twists, the story remains grounded enough to feel believable. We dug around to see just how much of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is based on aTrue story and whether the prolific Mickey HallerIt is based on aA real person.

Is The Lincoln Lawyer Based on a True Story?

No, ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is not based on a true story. CreatedBy David E. Kelley, the series draws from the 2008 novel titled ‘The Brass Verdict’ by author Michael Connelly. TheBook is part aA series of crime-based novels written by the author that revolve around LAPD detectives Harry BoschAttorney Michael “Mickey” Haller. The author’s 16th novel, which introduces Haller and is titled ‘The Lincoln Lawyer,’ was made into the 2011 movie of the same name with Matthew McConaughey.

Is Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer Based on a True Story? Is Mickey Haller a Real Person?
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DespiteThe stories are fictional in nature ConnellyInspiration comes from a variety of real-world sources. The author spent over a decade as aCops reporter spends some time with the Los Angeles Times. ThusHis earlier novels were more focused on the human condition. on Detective BoschStories that are police-centric. HoweverThe author also has aA long-standing fascination has been expressed by attorneys who are willing to put themselves at risk for justice. WhileWriting the Harry Bosch novels, ConnellyResearched the legal and courtroom aspects of things.

AnAn old friend of the reporter Dan DalyAfter a while, he had delved into criminal defence law and gave ConnellyYou will find many insights into the workings of the legal world. DalyHis acquaintance Roger MillsThe author was able to tell gritty stories about lawyers and cases. These stories inspired many fictional attorneys. Michael Haller’s stories. AfterThree years of research ConnellyThe first was published and focused on the attorney.

InIn fact, one of Daly’s quotes — “There is no client as scary as an innocent man” — became the epigraph of the book. Thus, ConnellyHe draws on real sources who have spent years covering criminal defence, giving his stories a lot of reality. HoweverAll plots and characters are fiction. TheFollowing NetflixShow that draws from novels are also fictional. Now, the show’s central character has an intriguing origin that’s worth taking a closer look at.

Is Mickey Haller a Real Person?

Mickey HallerIt is partially based on aA real person. Talking about ‘The Lincoln Lawyer,’ which introduces Haller, Connelly said, “I kind of learned aLektionen The Lincoln Lawyer. I wanted to write about a criminal defense lawyer, but a lot of people do that, and I’m not aSo I kind of waited until I found something interesting, then I met the lawyer. a lawyer who worked out of the back seat of his car, and I suddenly had it, I had that book.”

Is Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer Based on a True Story? Is Mickey Haller a Real Person?

That’s right, the central character of the fictional series is inspired by an actual lawyer that the author met — one that actually worked out of his car, much like our hero, Mickey Haller. ConnellyIntroduced in David OgdenThrough amutual friend and became intrigued when he mentioned that he had worked in his car. InOne of the cars that actually won was actually one of the. OgdenIn was, I drove and worked. a Lincoln Towncar. TheThere are similarities between the two fictional characters HallerHis real-life inspiration David Ogden, don’t end there. MuchLike the way the former is driven around by aFormer client OgdenHe was also chauffeured by Lonnie Henderson, aFormer client who had done the time. ConnellySo, he was able to gather some real-world details that would enhance his lawyer persona.

Thus, ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ series, like the books it is based onIs. aFiction that draws on real-life characters and situations to create a fictional world. TheImportant time Connelly spent as aReporter delved into his novel-writing and found well-placed, real-life-inspired elements in his crime stories. LikeThe stories, the central character Mickey HallerYou can also borrow details from the actual attorney David Ogden, most notably, the latter’s habit of working out of his car.

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