Is New Heights a True Story? Is the Netflix Show Based on Real Life?

Marianne WendtCreated the Swiss-German family drama series ‘New Height.’ ItPresents aA slice of rural life EuropeWhile probing into the Wyss family. After Kurt Wyss’s death, his family finds it hard to keep theFarming against all odds keeps you afloat. CityBoy Michi, theThe oldest son returns to his roots. HeLoans aHand in dealing with the father’s loss. WhileLooking at theDaughters with debts SarahWants to sell the farm. TheFamilies struggle to choose between comfort and respecting theMemory of KurtFormulaire theBulk of the narrative. At theAt the same time theStory is a celebration of its complex and fascinating characters. YouIt is a question you must ask yourself: theThe basis of series is on a true story. InIn such cases, we are here to help.

Is New Heights a True Story?

No, ‘New Heights’ is not based on a true story. However, theStory becomes real and grounded when it documents events around us, rather than creating them. aFantasy world. Marianne WendtCreated theSeries starting with an idea by famous Swiss-ItalianDirector Petra Volpe, the writer of movies like ‘Dreamland.’ Her film ‘The Divine Order’ also won multiple awards and accolades. Furthermore, the Swiss audiences are already familiar with her mini-series ‘Frieden,’ which gave quite theRatings on Swiss television.

Is New Heights a True Story? Is the Netflix Show Based on Real Life?

On theOther than that, Marianne WendtWas thePerfect person to provide aForm Volpe’s idea. Her radio play ‘creating character / Susan Batson’ caused an uproar among Swiss critics. SheMade theCharacters come alive and speak to you theAttractive dialogues, situations, or choices will attract audiences. VolpeAccording to reports, he wanted to explore. thePeople who want to live a happy, peaceful life. TheThe idea was born when VolpeDiscovered theShe was worried about the rising suicide rate among small- and medium-sized farmers.

At theAt the same time Volpe felt theExplore! theThe lives of those who travel theThe boundaries of the world are constantly changing. theThe city the villages. SheAlso wanted theAs it unfolds, series can be individualistic theEyes of Michi. Hestrugglesome corporate responsibilities a high-functioning urban life. At theAt the same time, he also feels theSudden pangs of escapade. Therefore, theThe story is full of realism theThe details of numbers, farming, debts, and supply chains. AlthoughIt does not claim to be. aDocumentation of an actual family.

TheSuicide Kurt under bludgeoning debt begins theStory with a somber atmosphere. WhileHis absence haunts the subsequent developments in theIt also speaks to the millions of families who are struggling with such unimaginable losses. A study by the Swiss National Science Foundation(SNSF has given). aAn extensive statistical analysis of the farmers’ suicides in Switzerland. AccordingTo theReport, between 1991 – 2014, 447 SwissFarmers took the fall.

TheFurther research revealed that theChance of aFarmers taking their lives is 37% more than the average man in theRural domains Switzerland. TheProblem is not unique to Switzerland; however – it is consistent in South AsianAnd South AmericanAgricultural societies Therefore, the WyssFamily is everything theVoices of Swissglobal farmers and their families who must deal with such losses while being buried under debt. OfMany late, many SwissShows project theThe desire to see life from closer quarters. A significant example is ‘Bulle,’ which revolves around theIt is a small, but important town.

SuchStories from the family seem to bring joy theCommunity together a time when suspicion and hatred condition people’s minds. Moreover, theSome of the cast ensemble features are theFamous faces from the Swiss film industry, including ‘Strähl’ famed Roeland Wiesnekker. AnotherMention should be made to Julian Koechlin. He portrayed the central character with erratic energy out of his stint at ‘Mario.’ TheyCast members, including, have produced theThe essence of the characters. ThereforeWith such aDramatic quality and high production aA relatable story theSeries is completely believable.

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