Is Only Murders in the Building’s Cinda Canning Based on a Real Podcaster?

‘Only Murders in the Building’ is aComedy series that revolve around Charles, Mabel, Oliver, atrio, living in the New York CityApartment complex the ArconiaWho investigates? astring of murders in the building. At theAt the same time theTrio creates their podcast about their investigation.

In the show’s first season, Charles, Mabel, OliverAre podcast hosts a favorite? Cinda CanningWho plays an important role in the narrative as episodes progress. Given the character’s popularity within theShow, viewers must be curious whether Cinda CanningInspired by a real-life podcaster. IfYou are looking for more information about Canning theInspiration behind theCharacter in ‘Only Murders in the Building,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS Ahead!

WhoIs Cinda Canning?

Cinda CanningIs introduced in the series premiere episode of ‘Only Murders in the Building.’ SheIs a popular podcaster known for her most recent hit show, ‘All Is Not OK in Oklahoma.’ Charles, Mabel, OliverAre you a fan of Canning’s podcast, which is one of the best true-crime podcasts. In the fourth episode, titled ‘The Sting,’ the trio asks for Canning’s advice in investigating theDeath of Tim Kono. CanningGuides them in approaching potential suspects. HoweverShe mocks them for their amateurism in podcasting.

In theSeason one finale, after MabelIs being held Bunny’s murder, CanningAnnouncements a new podcast titled ‘Only Murderers In the Building’ focusing on theThis is a sensational case. Actress Tina Fey essays theRole of Cinda Canning in the series. The nine-time Primetime Emmy AwardAward-winning actress/writer is best-known for creating, and appearing in, in the hit sitcoms ‘30 Rock‘ and ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.’ SomeAlternatively, viewers may recognize the name. FeyAs Claire FosterFrom the 2010 comedy film ‘Date Night.’

Is Cinda Canning Based on a Real Podcaster?

While Tina Fey’s Cinda CanningIs aShe is a fictional character. a real-life podcaster. FansThis is theTrue-crime podcasts will undoubtedly have similarities between them CanningA podcast host for real-life podcasts Sarah Koenig. Koenig, aLife-long native New York, spent several decades inBefore transitioning to work, crime journalism in radio programs. SheRecognized as theProducer of the radio program ‘This American Life.’ However, KoenigHer work is her greatest accomplishment. on the uber-popular podcast ‘Serial,’ which was first released in 2014. KoenigExecutive producers and hosts the podcast.

Is Only Murders in the Building's Cinda Canning Based on a Real Podcaster?
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InAn interview with the series co-creator John HoffmanIt has been confirmed theCharacter of Cinda CanningThis is an unofficial inspiration of Sarah Koenig. HoffmanIt was revealed that, while developing, theCharacter of Cinda CanningHe did extensive research. Koenig’s life and what drew her to podcasting. HeHe stated that he was a fan of ‘Serial’ and read some of Koenig’s interviews where she spoke about her desire to be inMusical theater and improv comedy. Thus, HoffmanHand-picked elements Koenig’s background to develop Canning’s character.

TheThe most obvious is thespellings of their last names that have almost been the same pronunciation. Moreover, thePodcasting style CanningIt is similar to the of Koenig. Canning’s physical appearance also resembles Koenig’s as both podcasters have theThe same look: dark hair, wide-framed glasses. Ultimately, Cinda CanningIs aA fictional character loosely based on one of the most popular real-life true-crime podcasters.

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