Is Rogue Agent’s Alice Archer Based on a Real Person? Where is Caroline Cowper Now?

AMC+’s ‘Rogue Agent’ follows the story of a surprising crime that rocked the lives of many individuals. At the middle of this is a man named Robert Freegard, whose powers of manipulation lead to individuals abandoning their lives for him and giving him all of their cash. While he continues on this streak for greater than a decade, it is when he wrongs a girl named Alice Archer that his downfall begins.

Being a solicitor, Alice makes use of all sources at her disposal to search out out all the things about Freegard and produce him to justice. In doing so, she additionally helps save the lives of a couple of different girls who’d fallen sufferer to his actions. Even after getting robbed by a man she’d fallen in love with, Alice acts with nice energy to do what’s mandatory. The story is based mostly on actual occasions, however who is Alice Archer in actual life? Let’s discover out.

Is Alice Archer Based on A Real Person?

Yes, Alice Archer is based mostly on a actual solicitor named Caroline Cowper. She’d been dwelling in Chiswick and had arrived at a automobile dealership together with her sister when she met Robert Freegard. She was immediately taken over by his attraction and beauty. When she left the dealership, she’d purchased a automobile and had a date with Freegard. Soon, he seduced her and issues went up to now that they bought engaged.

During the courting interval, Freegard took her on unique holidays and acquired all types of stuff for her. It was solely later that she found that it was really her cash that he’d been spending on all these lavish issues. To clarify away the shady stuff, he offered her the story of him being a spy for MI5. Eventually, Cowper discovered what had been occurring, and he or she broke off issues and reported him to the cops. She additionally sued him however didn’t cease till she’d discovered extra about who he actually was and the way many individuals he’d duped earlier than. Her investigation ultimately helped the authorities in catching Robert Freegard.

Where is Caroline Cowper Now?

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In ‘Rogue Agent’, on the trial of Robert Freegard, Alice Archer reveals that she has left behind her life as a solicitor. Freegard’s actions had affected her work life, a lot that she was let go of the job that she was excellent at. After resolving the scenario with him, she by no means went again to it however began her personal enterprise leasing luxurious automobiles to company shoppers, one thing that Freegard had pretended to get into so he may take Alice’s cash. This was her method of telling him that she was not damaged by what he did to her and had taken one thing constructive out of this harrowing expertise.

In actual life, nevertheless, Cowper didn’t do any such factor. After serving to the cops to catch Freegard, she went again to her job. She at present works as a solicitor in London. Described as “soiled blond, dogged, and formidably articulate” by Michael Bronner, she “fell laborious for Freegard however by no means absolutely toppled.” While she retains away from the general public highlight and is additionally not lively on social media, she spoke with Bronner about her expertise, when he was researching the story.

“She mentioned, ‘It was laborious for me as a result of I used to be deeply concerned with him. But I used to be gonna f****** nail him,” he mentioned. “She described it as like being in a washer going 100 miles an hour. So she form of was the one that basically made me notice that this is not simply a good journal story, however doubtlessly a movie.” When filmmakers came across Bronner’s article, they had been too dumbfounded by Freegard’s crimes however had been extra taken with exploring the resilience of Caroline Cowper, the lady who didn’t simply battle for herself, however for all of the individuals who had been wronged by Freegard.

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  1. Talking of curious but compelling movies, the non-fiction Rogue Agent is most bizarre and distinctively different. It’s about the real MI6 conman Robert Freegard and stars James Norton and Gemma Arterton. Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson produced the film. Fact is often stranger than fiction, so this real life film is intense and makes for psychologically scary watching.

    Ignoring Rogue Agent and The Courier, sadly there’s not enough fact based espionage on the menu so after watching Rogue Agent why not try reading another non-fiction thriller about a real life Maverick Agent instead. We suggest a noir espionage masterpiece could do the trick. One compelling thriller springs to mind. It’s a down to earth intriguing real life novel called Beyond Enkription, the first stand-alone thriller in The Burlington Files, about a not so boring accountant (Bill Fairclough, codename JJ, aka Edward Burlington) who infiltrates a global organised crime syndicate while unwittingly working for MI6.

    If you have already devoured and liked Beyond Enkription or The Courier, the Cumberbatch film about Greville Wynne, you should love Rogue Agent. Just like Ben Macintyre’s The Spy and the Traitor about KGB Colonel Oleg Gordievsky, these are all “must reads or must views” for espionage cognoscenti.


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