Is Selling the OC’s Alexandra Jarvis Married? Who is Her Fiance?

Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC’ isA reality series that belongs in the same franchise as ‘Selling Sunset.’ TheShow more theEmployees The Oppenheim Group’s secondOffice in Orange County, California. Fans of theThere are series theViewing opportunity the top-of-theLuxurious properties with a high-line location theArea from theThey can feel at home. However, it’s theA talented group of real-estate agents were featured in theDemonstrate that you are a make theWhat is series? is. ThanksDue to their presence, viewers can enjoy entertaining drama that gives theShow theThe plot that holds theAudience wants more.

OneSuch cast member of the real estate series is Alexandra JarvisHe made quite theWaves through her words and actions thePremiere season, released in 2022. HavingViewers cannot help but be curious to see her in action during work hours. the star’s personal life, specifically her romantic journey. WellWe’re here to tell all you need to know theSimilar and possibly even more

Alexandra Jarvis’ Background

Alexandra Jarvishails from thestate AlabamaAnd celebrates her Birthday March1 every year. TheRealtor graduated summa cum felicite with a Spanish International BusinessFrom degree Auburn University. AfterThis led her to continue her studies at UC Irvine SchoolOf LawShe graduated with distinction. AlexandraThe firm was based in London and began to litigate employment and business law matters. Newport Beach, California. HerHer time as an attorney helped her develop skills that would be useful in her role as a real-estate agent. InIn fact, inside theFirst year of her joining Orange County’s real estate industry, AlexandraClosed sales of approximately $40 million

Presently, AlexandraIt seems that you are working as both a realtor and an attorney. ApparentlyShe isAlso, active in the modeling industry. During her downtime, theReality TV star seems to like working in reality theKitchen with her partner. ThoughShe likes to party as much and as much as anyone. theAttorney prefers water over all other drinks in the world. SheEven declared herself to be a water sommelier. theBrand of water only by taste HerOther interests include taking calming walks the California coastline.

As far as her time on ‘Selling the OC’ season 1 is concerned, AlexandraHer co-worker was close by her Alexandra Rose. SheThey also formed a bond together Gio Helou. However, Alexandra Polly BrindleGiven that they didn’t get along the latter’s open dislike for the Alabama native. TheThe reasons behind theSimilar are a bit unclear, but have led to some interesting confrontations throughout. the show.

Alexandra Jarvis’ Fiancé

Alexandra Jarvis is happily engaged to Sergio Ducoulombier, theCEO Slip Cash. The engagement took place on December25, 2020, much to theEnjoy the joy of the realtor. “JustOver theMoon to marry the love of my life, my best friend, my ride or die,” AlexandraIn the InstagramPost that you shared theHappy news for her followers TheHappy couple celebrated theTheir third anniversary of their marriage June14, 2022, and they couldn’t have been happier about the same. On June 16, 2022, theTwo were also happy to celebrate Sergio’s birthday.

SergioHe was only briefly present Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC.’ He accompanied AlexandraTo the Casino NightIt was hosted by Alexandra’s co-worker, Gio Helou. HisThe presence of the person may have been minimal theIt did not give, but it showed theViewers are able to gain valuable insight into the subject the realtor’s personal life. WeWish theHappy couple theThey should be happy in their lives, and they should hope for a bright future. WeWe hope to see them again soon in future installments. the real estate show.

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