Is Selling the OC’s Lauren Brito Married? Who is Her Husband?

Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC’ is a spinoff of ‘Selling Sunset‘ and follows theEmployers The Oppenheim Group’s office in Orange County, California. Season1 theA reality show is held during theInfancy thegives viewers an insider’s view of the office the real estate scene in the region. TheSeries isThe cast members are what make this show so beloved. They never fail to entertain. theTheir drama and actions kept the audience amused.

OneSuch cast member about which fans have been quite curious is Lauren Brito. HerCalming but powerful presence has its moments the show. Having seen LaurenHer admirers are curious about her professional status as a realtor. theReality star. ManyThey expressed curiosity about Lauren’s personal life, specifically about her special someone. LuckilyWe have just the thing for them: theThey want the answers.

Lauren Brito’s Background

Laurenhails from Southern CaliforniaAnd has been living there since 2006. Orange County for over a decade. BeforeEnter theShe was a co-owner and operator of a family-owned business in the real estate industry. theThe suburbs of Los Angeles, California. Apparently, theShe gained many valuable skills while running her own business, which helped her become a great real estate agent.

From May2017 July 2017, LaurenWorked as a Real Estate Agentat First Team Real EstateBefore switching to Coldwell Banker Residential BrokerageAs a Realtor. SheHer second company was her home. August2017 July2021 was before theNext opportunity knocked at her door. Since June 2021, the CaliforniaNative has been associated with The Oppenheim GroupShe has displayed her talent as an actor. Realtor AssociateYou can use it on more than one occasion.


As far as her appearance on ‘Selling the OC’ season 1 isConcerning this, we didn’t see much. Lauren. SheMostly, they chatted and shared meals. Brandi MarshallShe seems to be very close to, The CaliforniaNative became a friend and a listening ear for native’s dear friend and co-worker who seemed to be struggling with many problems. HoweverWhen? LaurenDid appear on theHer presence was a delight theViewers, whether she was talking to someone or showing them a stunning real estate opportunity.



Lauren Brito’s Husband

AsWritten Lauren isHappily married Andrew T. Shortt, Real Estate Advisorat Mason|Taylor Associates. HeIn Boston, Massachusetts, but grew-up in Pennsylvania. AndrewMoved to California2002 to pursue a career as a lawyer theHe has made a name in the real-estate industry and has earned a reputation for himself in the Orange County area. TheyEngaged around Christmas2020 LaurenHappily shared theFollow her on Twitter for the latest news TheA happy couple got married June25, 2022, in Carlsbad, California.

ForTheir honeymoon LaurenAnd AndrewTo be traveled Bali, IndonesiaOn August 19, 2022. MoreoverIn OctoberThey will be celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary in 2022. AndrewIncorrect the first season of ‘Selling the OC,’ but we are certainly hoping to see him in theThe next potential seasons theReality TV. Presently, the two live in Newport Beach, CaliforniaWith Lauren’s adorable dog named GunnerShe seems to care deeply for her daughter, WeWish theWedded couples theThey are the best in their lives and I wish them a wonderful journey together.

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