Is Servant of the People Based on the True Story of President Zelenskyy?

CreatedBy Volodymyr Zelenskyy, ‘Servant of the People’ is a Ukrainian Political Comedy series about a high-school teacher named Vasily Petrovych Goloborodko (Volodymyr Zelenskyy). DuringOne ofHis history classes VasilyThis profane rant is against theCorruption within the country. A student films his tirade. on theinternet, making him a internet sensation. Seeing theSuccess ofHis views Vasily’s students enroll him as a possible candidate for the Ukrainian presidency. ThingsTake a wild turn theTeacher is elected to lead the country. He has to figure out how he will manage his duties and eliminate theCorruption within the administration.

TheSeries presents strong opinions about theCorruption within UkraineAnd the public’s frustration with the same. It also emphasizes how a man’s determination can overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. TheIn popularity, series gained popularity thecountry because of its bold topics, and funny punches. ManyWe couldn’t help but relate. the show’s storyline to theReal-life happenings inside Ukraine. Is theStory of ‘Servant of the People’ a reflection of Zelenskyy’s own life? Let’s find out together.

Is Servant of the People the Story President Zelenskyy?

‘Servant of the People’ is partially true to President Zelenskyy’s life story. To understand theConnection between theComedy show and theLife of President Volodymyr ZelenskyyYou don’t need to look any further than theSimilarities between the two. Though theShow was created to be a Ssatire on Ukraine’s political landscape, the show’s and the lead actor’s popularity turned it into a reality.

Is Servant of the People Based on the True Story of President Zelenskyy?Volodymyr Oleksandrovych ZelenskyyWas born on January 25, 1978, into a JewishFamilies in Kryvyi Rih. Since theAge of 17, Zelenskyyhas been active in theComedy industry and can be seen on multiple movies and shows. HisStrife with Ukraine’s political arena started in August of2014 theThe then-comedian spoke against theban of RussianArtists from UkraineThe law was adopted in 2015.

Following Zelenskyy’s protests, his projects like ‘LoveIn the Big City 2’ were also banned within Ukraine. ZelenskyyIt was also banned from RussianMedia after it was claimed Zelenskyy’s production company, Kvartal95, had given 1 million hryvnias. the Ukrainian army during the war in Donbas. Despite the double-edged ban, theComic remained firm onHis stand ofRemoving theban on RussianArtists in his country.

ZelenskyyThen, starred in the self-created political satire, ‘Servant of the People,’ which gained a huge fanbase since its inception in 2015. TheShow became a huge hit. theIt was at this pivotal moment that it all started theParallels between Zelenskyy’s life to that of Vasily Petrovych Goloborodko, theHe was the lead role in the series. Like Vasily, Zelenskyy’s entrance into theHis circle of friends started the political arena. TheServe as Zelenskyy’s equivalent of Vasily’s tirade, and Kvartal95 people signed up theRole ofHis main cheerleader. In March 2018, theProduction team registered a new political group named after the show. AccordingTo Zelenskyy, theRegistration was not allowed theNot everyone can use your significant name.

Is Servant of the People Based on the True Story of President Zelenskyy?

However, theSimple actions sufficed. thePublic to latch on. While ZelenskyyRefused to acknowledge any intention of joining politics at theHis fans accepted him as a potential presidential candidate at one point in time. TheReach became so common that theOne comedian of theNames that are prominent in opinion polls October of2018 despite not having stated any intention to join thePresidential race. Finally, on December 31, 2018, ZelenskyyHe announced his candidacy on thenetwork 1+1 quickly became a huge deal. The news even overshadowed thePresident incumbent Petro Poroshenko’s address on theThe same day. on thethe same network.

TheAnnouncement of Zelenskyy’s presidential campaign came less than four months before theIt grew his popularity among the masses. the masses. UnlikeOther candidates Zelenskyy’s campaign did not involve theMainstream media HeReached out theVoters can be reached through social media and YouTube videos Instead of rallies, theStand-up comedy was performed by comedians in an effort to build a relationship. the general public.

A few days earlier the UkrainianPresidential elections in AprilNumerous major news outlets claimed that 2019 ZelenskyyWas deliberately avoided the journalists. The man in question denied theClaims and stated that he did NOT want to go on talk shows where “people of the old power” were “just doing PR.” HeAlso, he claimed that he didn’t have enough time to respond to all interview requests.

Is Servant of the People Based on the True Story of President Zelenskyy?

GivenHis public views towards the country’s political system and a stellar team behind his back, ZelenskyyIt is possible to win theelection and was inaugurated the 6th President of Ukraine on May 20, 2019. DuringHis term, the PresidentWhile it has experienced many ups, downs, it has remained stable. thePeace within the nation. Several ofHis suggestions were met with resistance, but they were meant to be better the financial situation of Ukraine. HoweverIt was during the Russian-UkrainianThe 2022 war that propelled theInternational fame for comedian and politician ZelenskyyHe was recognized for his leadership during World War II. the conflict, and curious people could not help but look into his past, which led them to ‘Servant of the People.’

OurIt is obvious that viewers with keen eyes have noticed this. Zelenskyy’s presidential campaign was eerily similar to Vasily’s rise to the presidency. While ‘Servant of the People’ is not based onTrue story, almost prophetic, and predicting Zelenskyy’s popularity as a potential president and theRole of the internet. ItIt is easy to see why Vasily’s determination and passion for thePolitical situation of UkraineThis is a reflection of Zelenskyy’s views.

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