Is Shaq Married? Shaq Wife, Age, Net Worth, Height, Kids, And More

Shaquille O’Neal

ShaqIt is a very popular AmericanFormer professional BasketballA player, as well as one of the top analysts in sports on the television program InsideThe NBA. ActuallyHis real name, is Shaquille Rashaun O’NealHe also attended school at Fluda AmericanHe began his playing career in 1992. BeyondHe started out as a sports personality. 

Is Shaq Married?

ShaqIt is a well-known AmericanFormer professional BasketballPlayer and also one the most respected sports analysts on the television program InsideHe began his NBA career in 1992. GoingTo the side of Shaq’s personal life, ShaqTo get married Shaunie O’NealIn 2002, the couple was married. However, they separated in 2011. ButThe reason for their separation was not clear. HenceWe can conclude with the following statement if we look at this context. Shaq is marriedAnd his wife’sName is Shaunie O’Neal. 

Shaq Wife

Shaq and Shaunie O’Neal (m.2002 – 2011)

Shaq Biography 

Specifications  Details 
Name  Shaq 
Real name  Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal
Date Of Birth  6th March 1972
Age  50
Place Of Birth  Newark, NewJersey, United States
Nationality  American 
Height  7’1”
Weight  147kgs 
Profession  BasketballPlayer
Net Worth  $400 million 

Shaq Net Worth 2022

UsuallyMost people, including the audience, are curious about celebrities’ fitness routines, dieting habits, lifestyles, and other details. Shaq’s net worth is estimated at around $400 million and his source of income is from his profession. 

Shaq Height

Shaq’s height is 7’1” ft and in centimeters, it is calculated for 216 cm and always he is the center of the game and in the looks highlighted among all the players, and always he is noticed from all the sides of the players, judges including the audiences. AsHe is very tall, so all visions will be to the side. Shaq. 

How Tall Is Shaq? 

Shaq’s height is 7’1” ft and in centimeters, it is calculated for 216 cm when we convert his height from centimeter to meter, he is 2.16m and he is a well-known tall person in sports field and a popular person worldwide. 

Shaq Weight

Shaq’s height is 7’1” ft and in centimeters, it is calculated for 216 cm, and converting his height from centimeter to meter, is 2.16m. HisHe is 147kgs and 325lb. 

Who Is Shaq Dating? 

AboutThe latest dating news ShaqAccording to rumors, he may be dating the famous actress Annie Ilonzeh, an actress by profession. ButHis personal life and his dating status are still unknown. AsWe get it, and we update you as soon we can. 

Shaq Kids

ShaqChildren and their names are 

  • Shareef O’Neil 

  • Shaqir O’Neil 

  • Taariah O’Neil 

  • Myles B O’Neil 

  • Me’arah O’Neil 

  • Amirah O’Neil 

TheyAre the children of the former player in basketball? Shaq. 


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