Is The Black Phone on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, or HBO Max?

Based on Joe Hill’s short story of the same name, ‘The Black Phone’ is a supernatural horror film that features four-time Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke, Mason Thames, MadeleineMcGraw, and Jeremy Davies. The movie follows Finney ShawA 13-year-old boy who plays baseball, is taken by a dangerous serial killer. DesperateTo survive, he relies on onThe voices of the victims who were previously murdered by the murderer, realizing that the odds are stacked against him in the deadly game of cat-and-mouse.

Directed, co-written and coproduced by Scott Derrickson, ‘The Black Phone’ is a great horror film that keeps viewers onIts brilliant storytelling keeps them on the edge. In case you also like the premise and plan to watch it, then here’s all the streaming and other information that you are going to need.

WhatIs The Black Phone About?

Finney ShawA talented young baseball pitcher who lives in a suburban setting. Colorado town. UnfortunatelyRecently, the city is under threat from a serial murderer named The GrabberFive children were kidnapped by a man named ” in just a few months. Finney’s otherwise ordinary takes an unprecedented turn when he becomes the sixth victim of the murderer and is thrown into a soundproof basement. AlthoughScreaming is useless, he finds a phone that has been disconnected and can hear the haunting voices from the victims of the past. Grabber. WithWith their support, he plans on fleeing the clutches the serial killer while his sister is with him onIt is a dangerous quest to find him.

Is The Black Phone on Netflix?

NetflixSubscribers will need to search for the supernatural horror movie onAnother platform, if it is not currently available onThe streaming giant. InIf you are planning on watching something similar, then you can stream ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil Vile‘ or ‘Berlin Syndrome.’

Is The Black Phone on Hulu?

The Scott DerricksonDirectorial is not accessible on HuluAs of now. Viewers who are looking for something similar may enjoy watching ‘The Lodge.’

Is The Black Phone on Amazon Prime?

The Mason Thames MadeleineMcGraw-starrer is not part of Amazon Prime’s current offering as of now. Therefore, Prime subscribers can instead stream ‘KissThe Girls‘ or ‘Pay The Ghost.’

Is The Black Phone on HBO Max?

Since ‘The Black Phone’ is not available on HBO MaxIt is highly unlikely that they will arrive. on the platform even in the future, we recommend our readers alternatively watch other supernatural horror films like ‘Hostel‘ or ‘ReturnTo House on Haunted Hill.‘

WhereTo Watch The Black Phone Online?

DistributedBy the Universal PicturesIn the United States, ‘The Black Phone’ is all set to release theatrically across the country on June 24, 2022. PeoplePeople who prefer movies in theaters can book tickets to the nearest cinema. on Fandango. AsThe online release of the movie is possible only if the following conditions are met: Scott DerricksonDirectorial will be available for streaming on Peacock45 days after the theatrical debut. ThereforeThe second week of February is the best time to start looking for the film. August 2022 onThe official website.

HowTo Stream The Black PhoneFor Free?

Since PeacockThe 7-day free trial has been ended and the movie will be released in the theater. It is currently not possible for the public to view the film without paying. HoweverWe encourage our readers not to use illegal means and to only watch their favorite content online after they have paid for it.

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