Is the Godzilla bundle worth it in Call of Duty: Warzone? Answered

The Operation MonarchEvent now available in Call of Duty: WarzoneYou can now fight against it the Kaiju-size GodzillaAnd Kong. ActivisionLimited-time bundles will be sold that contain Godzilla vs. KongPart theme weapons and cosmetics of the event. Each bundleCosts 19.99 USD per unit, which can seem high. ofPeople need money.

The worth of the Godzilla bundleIt all depends on how big you are. ofA GodzillaFan you are. The bundleIncludes: Operator skin for Shigenori called “Godzilla Ghillie” that is meant to invoke theScales of theiconic King of Monsters. TheSkin also has a variety of cosmetics. Godzilla mask. YouYou can now pretend to be your favorite while shooting at your opponents KaijuThis may not seem like a lot to non-believers.Godzillafan, but it can be worth itPeople who adore the giant lizard.

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The Godzilla Bundle comes with weapons named “Breath of Godzilla” and the “Awakened Alpha” LMG. The “Breath of Godzilla” is a Heroic Mastercraft Weapon Blueprint, itThey will produce very cool-looking blue tracer rounds. The weapon works best against Kong during the Operation Monarch event. ItIt also comes with extended magazines and low resistance to help give itMore consistent damage over time, without a lot of aim adjustment. The “Awakened Alpha” is simply a very powerful LegendaryLMG weapon

The “Breath of Godzilla” is a neat weapon visually, but it’s not that more useful against KongUnlike other powerful weapons. You can’t really defeat KongAnd Godzilla during theYou can receive rewards from them by staggering. AnyStronger opponents can be effective theTwo Kaijus, you don’t necessarily need a Kong-A specific weapon to fight theGiant monkey The worth of “Breath of Godzilla” is dependent if you want to complete your overall GodzillaAppearance in the game.

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The bundle comes with a “Protector of Earth” calling card. CallingCards are stylized backgrounds that appear behind theText ofYour nameplate The bundleTwo exclusives are also available SpraysYou can spray flat surfaces like walls with, which are art pieces. Buying the bundle will also give you a special “Gojira Stomp” finishing move and a “Godzilla Heat Ray” animated emblem. EmblemsThese icons are small and can be found on your nameplate or player card.

However, ofThese features are cosmetic. So the worth of the Godzilla BundleIt all depends on what you like to wear. GodzillaShoot blue bullet rounds at Kong. If that doesn’t sound like itIt is worth$20 for you, then the bundleIt is not for everyone.

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