Is The Lincoln Lawyer TV Series a Sequel to the 2011 Movie?

‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ centers on prolific LA lawyer Mickey Haller, who takes on especially difficult cases and makes it winnable a habit toHe works out of his car. As the title hints, HallerHe is well-known for his distinctive style Lincolnchauffeured by an automobile aFormer client. TheShow actually picks up soon afterwards theThe central character has been restored a tragedy. AudiencesYou might also want to remember aVery similar character to a movie of theSame name with Matthew McConaughey. If you’re wondering whether Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is aContinuation to the 2011Legal thriller film the same name, we’re here toClear things up.

Is The Lincoln Lawyer TV Series a Sequel to the Movie?

Though the series does continue the central character’s journey in aIt is not officially called such. a follow-up to the movie. FittinglyThere is. aSignificant time difference between the two. TheFilm ends with HallerHe came through for his client Jesus MartinezHeading toHis next case. TheShow, on theOn the other hand, opens with the “Lincoln Lawyer” coming out of a year-and-aHalf of the battle with addiction is over. The other half is ready to get back into action. ThusThere is. a large disconnect between theNarratives theTwo productions despite being quite a few supporting characters, like Margaret “Maggie” McPherson, Lorna Taylor, Jesus Martinez, have been carried forward to the show.

Is The Lincoln Lawyer TV Series a Sequel to the 2011 Movie?

TheCast in the Netflixseries has been completely refurbished. Manuel Garcia-RulfoStepping into theIt plays a central role MatthewMcConaughey essays the 2011 film. TheSupporting characters can also be played by actors who are different. TheIt is a fact HallerJuggles aThere are many cases and has aIt is easy to build a seemingly endless network of contacts. toWatch theShow without having toRely on the film.

IfExplored in terms theRomans that are theFilm and series draw from. theThis could make it seem like a sequel. While McConaughey’s 2011Film is based upon author Michael Connelley’s 2005 novel of theSame name as the one that introduced it Haller’s character, season 1 of the NetflixSeries is based on the2008 following Haller novel — ‘The Brass Verdict.’ Conveniently, the latter novel — and the series based on it — opens with HallerAfter a long hiatus, you will be distancing again theNarrative from where the movie ends.

Ultimately, Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ imbibes some qualities of being aContinuation to the 2011 film but isn’t really a follow-up. The significant changes to theCast as well a long time jump and almost entirely new plot make ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ aStandalone series that starts the core storyline from scratch. Of course, theUnique aspects of the film’s central character, most notably his habit of working out of theBack of his car, are preserved the show. However, theThe world of Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is quite different from that of the 2011 movie of theSame name and, therefore theFormer does not appear toBe aContinuation to the latter.

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