Is The Pentaverate a Real Secret Society? Is The Meadows a Real Conference?

‘The Pentaverate’ follows out-of-touch journalist Ken ScarboroughThe titular secret society, which seems to control the world, becomes involved with him. OnThe hunt for aThis is a groundbreaking news story KenFind out more about the ancient group here aThe conspiracy theorist. HoweverThe secret society turns out be very real and even more bizarre than anyone thought. KenCould have pictured. UltimatelyThe journalist must make tough decisions that could have serious repercussions for the world.

ThoughAlthough much of the show is tongue-in cheek, it does make a few allusions to secret societies that did exist at one point in time. So, could the eponymous secret society in ‘The Pentaverate’ be real? Let’s find out.

Is The Pentaverate Real?

No, The PentaverateIt is not aReal organization OfIt is possible to be the best in the world of the NetflixIt is evident that most people are unaware of the existence secret societies. HoweverAn annual meeting is also mentioned. SwitzerlandIt is also known as The Meadows, wherein five of the members of The Pentaverate meet the world’s most powerful people.

Is The Pentaverate a Real Secret Society? Is The Meadows a Real Conference?

TheConference is compared with the annual DavosSummit which actually happens annually in SwitzerlandIt is attended by global decision makers. OfOf course, it is possible to do so if aReal conference between The PentaverateAnd the likes Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and QueenThis is EnglandIt would eventually become common knowledge.

Instead, The PentaverateHas a fictional origin in the 1993 black comedy ‘SoI MarriedAn Axe Murderer.’ InIt is the lead character CharlieMcKenzie (Mike Myers) visits his parents where his conspiracy theorist father (also essayed by Myers) explains the existence of aSecret society called The Pentaverate.

The NetflixShow draws its name from 1993 movie, with some modifications. Charlie’s father claims they meet tri-annually in a secret mansion in Colorado. InThe meeting, or show, is now called the annual event. The Meadows. The show also describes the secret society as one that works to fix the world’s most pressing problems.

ThusWhen the show opens, The PentaverateIts members are working to end global warming. ThisIs the mission of the new member Dr. Hobart Clark (Keegan-Michael Key), is tasked with accomplishing before his untimely death. ThusUnlike secret societies that are bent on world dominance through nefarious plans to destroy the world, they are not able to do so. The Pentaverate is actually “nice.”

HoweverThe show is a mix of alarger theme of conspiracy theory and secret societies and mentions realworld theories about their existence Illuminati. When Dr. ClarkDigs for details, there is mention BeyonceAnd Jay-Z is part of the Illuminati, though they are apparently “double agents.”

The PentaverateAlso has aSimilar tongue-in-cheek origin story AsIn increasingly impatient tones the narrator explains that the secret society was formed during the black pandemic, when five men discovered the mice-caused epidemic. OnceThe men were called heretics by the church. The PentaverateAs aHaven’t you longed for knowledge that eventually became all-powerful?

ThusFor fans of the Mike MyersShow that you are curious if the secret society exists. The PentaverateIt isn’t real. TheThe secret society of the show is aComedy version that uses conspiracy theories to mock real-world lore regarding the existence of societies such as the IlluminatiThe Freemasons.

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