Is The Staircase’s Big Ray Based on a Real Person? Where is He Today? Update

TheFifth episode of HBO Max’s crime series ‘The Staircase’ follows Michael Peterson’s life in prison after getting convicted for the murder of his wife Kathleen Peterson. HeGets beaten by other inmates and passes aIt is difficult to adapt to the norms and systems of the area. MeanwhileHe meets aNamed a fellow inmate Big RayHe informs him about ways to protect himself. Big RayIt is Michael’s close acquaintance and the former even extends his emotional support when Michael’s appeals get rejected. NaturallyThe viewers must be interested in learning more about the subject. Big Ray. LetLet us know your thoughts about the character!

Is Big Ray Based on a Real Person?

InThe show. Big Ray is Michael Peterson’s fellow prisoner. However, Michaelhas not been mentioned or spoken about aNamed a fellow inmate Big Ray. Even in ‘BehindThe Staircase,’ a non-fiction book written by Michael about his life before and after his trial, there isn’t any mention of Big Ray. HoweverThe character in the show looks like Big Tom, aA fellow prisoner Michaelat Nash Correctional Institution. AccordingThe book is available here TomHe was convicted for murder. Like RayHe was obsessed with weightlifting, and he helped others. MichaelWith the same. Michael considered TomAs someone who looked after his back like RayDoes in the show.

Is The Staircase's Big Ray Based on a Real Person? Where is He Today? Update

Tom isThe one who introduced stamps to the world MichaelAs RayIt does in the show. Asper Tom’s instruction, MichaelHe was taught about the importance stamps in prison and how they can be used to protect him from the atrocities of fellow inmates. DuringHis time at NashAccording to his book, Michael TomShare a companionship, which isn’t very different from the friendship MichaelShares with RayThe show. EvenWhen MichaelInsufficient stamps are not obtained for his protection RayHe is protected

InThe sixth episode is when MichaelThe second appeal is denied and the defendant is sentenced to life imprisonment RayHe is comforted. TomAlso, comforted MichaelHe was in difficult situations in real life and helped him to overcome them. “GodKnow Big Tom was difficult – a murderer! – but he was funny, and I’d witnessed loyalty deep within,” MichaelThis is what I wrote about TomIn his book. Even though there’s aPossibility that the features Big RayThese are based onMany real-life prisoners who were also inmates MichaelThe character appears to be most like Big Tom.

Where is Big Ray Now?

Is The Staircase's Big Ray Based on a Real Person? Where is He Today? Update

Michael’s book doesn’t provide any information about Big Tom’s current whereabouts. The lack of prison records indicates that “Big Tom” isUnofficial alias: a name. Michael hasn’t revealed the real name or identity of the person to trace his current whereabouts as well. EvenHowever, he wrote that Tomwas convicted for murder, the sentence isUnknown, making it difficult to determine if he is alive. is still in Nash Correctional InstitutionReleased. AsHis hometown, according to the book is Mount Airy, North Carolina.

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