Is The War Next-door Based on a True Story? Where is it Filmed?

CreatedBy Carolina Rivera Fernando Sariñana, ‘The War Next-door,’ AKA ‘Guerra de Vecinos,’ is a Mexican Comedy series that revolves around two matriarchs, Leonor Salcido Silvia EspinozaThey hate each other. ThoughTheir disagreement is over aCar damaged itSoon, they find themselves in the same area. WhileWhile their families try to live normal lives, the matriarchal tiff is not letting anyone live. aPeace and tranquility.

TheShow first aired on 2021 isEnjoy an entertaining ride onYou will find humor and funny situations in this video. Ana Layevska Luz Aldán make sure that the viewers laugh at each and every punch, thanks to their acting skills. NotOnly the fans are curious to find out where the series is located. isThey may be lensed, but they cannot help but wonder what it is like to be lensed. itIt was born. Is ‘The War Next-door’ based onReal-life experiences, or a fantastic piece of fiction WellWe have the answers you need!

Is The War Next-door a True Story?

No, ‘The War Next-door’ isNot based on a true story. TheComedy series is aCreation of Carolina RiveraHer husband, Fernando Sariñana. ThroughThe characters of Leonor SilviaThe show shows the differences between two families from different backgrounds who must live together because of unavoidable circumstances. SinceThe two clans meet at the beginning onThey both get off to a bad start and try to bring each other down because they think they are better than the other.

ThoughThe series isLighthearted and mainly focused onThe source of tension between the two families is physical comedy and slapstick humor isReality is the foundation of reality ThroughoutThe series is based on comments and assumptions made by both matriarchs about the other. onFinancial and racial stereotypes. When SilviaFirst sees LeonorShe also tries to police her family and neighbors. SheThen, asks LeonorIf she is an employee in somebody’s house, indirectly insinuating that LeonorYou wouldn’t be able to live in such a wealthy area.

WhileThe tensions between the two women can be quite severe a result of their hurtful actions toward each other, their disdain for each other starts due to society’s perpetuated standards. WhenOne should consider the character SilviaIt is funny to see her look down on those with less status and money.

‘The War Next-door’ may not be aTrue story, but some elements seem cherry-picked. NeighborlyEvery person has had to experience multiple fights in their life. AnotherFeature isThe series’ characters quickly judged the situation, which was a great thing. is unfortunately quite common in real life.

The War Next-door Filming Locations

‘The War Next-door’ or ‘The War Next-Door’ isFilmed in Guadalajara Metropolitan AreaIn Mexico. PeopleLike Jaime Andrés Duque and Tito Reynoso have taken up the mantle of cinematographer for the show. Let’s take a closer look and learn more about where the comedy series is produced.

Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, Mexico

Though ‘The War Next-door’ is set in Mexico City, Guadalajara, the capital city of the Mexican state of Jalisco, is the primary shooting spot for the comedy series. The city of Zapopan within the area was also used as a backdrop in several scenes. Eagle-eyed viewers can easily spot the streets of the two cities in the background.

Is The War Next-door Based on a True Story? Where is it Filmed?

Known as the Pearl of the West, Guadalajara is one of the most significant cities in Mexico. It is a cultural haven popular within the Mexican entertainment industry. Every year, the Guadalajara International Film Festival celebrates Mexican and international cinema during a week-long celebration in March. The festival has helped the international recognition of Mexican media. SomeYou can find the most eye-catching locations in the area include Guadalajara CathedralThe San Juan de Dios Market.

HoweverWe are certain that the producers made use of the residential areas. Guadalajara Metropolitan AreaTo film the NetflixInstead of recognizable landmarks, series are preferred. ‘The War Next-door’ isThis is far from the first production that will be taped in. GuadalajaraThe surrounding area. Other shows lensed in the thriving city include ‘The Mosquito Coast‘ and ‘LadyOf Steel.’

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