Is Tully a Mermaid or Does Marlo Imagine Tully?

Jason Reitman’s directorial ‘Tully‘ is aTouching comedy-drama movie. ItCenters around Marlo, aA mother who has just had her third child and is struggling to find the right partner. aBalance between her responsibilities as well as her needs. JustShe is at the edge of burnout and hires aNight nanny named TullyThe baby’s mother, who comes every night to look after the baby. RelievedThe new mom is a new source of support and befriends TullyShe starts to get back to the things she used love.

HoweverSoon, the new friendship will begin to harm. Marlo’s already deteriorating mental health and she has a car accident. WhileShe can see underwater as she is immersed. TullySaving her in the form a mermaid. ButIs the night nanny really a night nanny? aMythical creature or aPart of Marlo’s imagination? Let’s find out. SPOILERS Ahead

Is Tully a Mermaid?

BothThe mermaid TullyAre pieces of Marlo’s imagination. AfterHer son Jonahwhen she is born, she begins to suffer from postpartum depression. ThoughIt slowly heals. MarloOverburdened by responsibilities at work and home. Since JonahHis mother is concerned about his ability to adjust to the environment. He has an undiagnosed developmental disorder that causes anxious reactions to stimuli.

Is Tully a Mermaid or Does Marlo Imagine Tully?

Marlo’s workload increases when she and her husband DrewUnexpected pregnancy may occur. AsShe drags herself along without much of his assistance, and she feels disconnected from her family and herself. She starts to seek solace in watching mermaid and erotica videos on television. Craig, Marlo’s brother, pities her condition and offers to hire aNight nanny for her, to come and help out once the baby is born. But she stubbornly refuses as she does not wish to hand over her child’s responsibilities to a stranger.

However, aSeveral days later Marlo’s third child Miawhen she is born, she feels overwhelmed by exhaustion or sleep deprivation. UnableShe contacts her to be able to perform even the most basic functions correctly TullyNight nanny Craig recommended. HerArrival proves to be a blessing for MarloShe gradually returns to her passions, and her life. MoreoverBoth women quickly become good friends, and she confides in everything to the other woman. Tully.

InIn the meantime, MarloShe dreams of an unknown Mermaid swimming toward her underwater, but she quickly forgets about them. AsAs time passes, her equation changes. DrewShe starts to feel better and she begins to reminisce about her past life. a young woman. EverythingEverything is fine until TullyImpulsively, they suggest that they go on a night out in the city. MarloReluctantly agrees, and the women drive to BrooklynShe used to live in this area with her roommate.

Is Tully a Mermaid or Does Marlo Imagine Tully?

There, TullyShe declares she is quitting her job to bridge the gap. aGap in Marlo’s life is fulfilled. UnfortunatelyThe latter panics and refuses her to leave her, as she is an integral part of her life. Regardless, TullyShe helps her calm down, and she convinces her to drive home. While driving, MarloFalls asleep and, in order to avoid an approaching vehicle, maneuvers her car into the river. AsShe is submerged underwater and she can see. TullyShe was saved by aMermaid, and passes out.

AtIt is revealed that the hospital has a psychiatric unit. TullyIs Marlo’s imagination of her 26-year-old self, as she seeks comfort from her current state in memories of her youth. When MarloAfter giving birth, depression reoccurs. Mia’s birth, she feels more and more afraid that her younger days are being left behind, and this dilemma coupled with exhaustion and sleep deprivation takes aToll on her mind. ThusShe creates TullyMentally, aA youthful escape from her worries TheHer imagination includes a mermaid figure. She often escapes her monotonous existence by watching mermaid videos.

Bothfigments Marlo’s imaginary world combine when she starts having bizarre dreams of mermaids after the night nanny arrives. DuringThe accident she faces aNear-death moment, that is when she sees TullyTo save her life, the mermaid and the mermaid combine to form one. LaterShe realizes at the hospital that she must let go TullyShe says goodbye to it because it is affecting her life now. As MarloShe recovers and returns to her normal life. She stops seeing. Tully orThe mermaid signifies that she is gradually overcoming her mental anguishes and doesn’t need to find any escape.

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