Is William Dead or Alive in Westworld?

The third season of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ follows an intricate phase of WilliamAKA the Man in Black’s life. AfterAn intense period of therapy WilliamSets out to annihilate HostsAnd decides to start the exact same thing by murdering Bernard LoweAnd Ashley Stubbs. AfterShooting StubbsHe descends, and he goes to Delos’ research center in DubaiTo destroy the same. However, WilliamThe welcome is from the Dolores AbernathyVersion of Charlotte HaleHe is considered a significant threat by. SheIntroduces a host version WilliamHe attacks the old man. SinceThe season leaves behind ambiguity William’s fate, we have taken a detailed look at the same. LetLet us know your thoughts! SPOILERS Ahead.

Is William Dead or Alive?

WilliamIs presumed to be dead InThe finale of the third season. WilliamSets out to kill all remaining hosts inThe world. HeTheir interference has caused enough suffering inThe advancement of humanity and the desire to prove that humans are superior species. HeArrives at Delos’ research center to make his presence known, only to encounter Hale. AsSomeone who is determined to establish the supremacy and dominance of the Hosts inThe world is your playground HaleApproaches WilliamOne of her most powerful threats. SheIntroduces the host she designed inHis form and orders for his creation to be killed William. TheVersion host WilliamYou must slit the throat of the human one.

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Since William’s throat is slit, it is unlikely that he survives the wound to stay alive. InIt is the premiere episode of season 4. William’s host version who acquires a plant for unrevealed reasonsAnd sends men to kill Maeve Millay and Caleb NicholsWho have fulfilled? Dolores’ mission to destroy RehoboamFor the sake of humanity. HoweverThe third season concludes without any reveal WilliamHe is most likely dead, which means that there is a possibility that his life could still be possible. AfterThe host should slit the throat and make the victim suffer William, HaleHe may have been saved from death.

FirstAll things considered, HaleMay find the human William’s presence motivating as she sets out to conquer the world with her Host army. After Dolores’ death, she may want someone to acknowledge her potency and intelligence as she starts her war against humanity. She may even consider keeping WilliamOnly to witness it. Hosts’ possible victory over humanity, especially since he wanted to eliminate her species from the world. Hale admires a good opposition’s presence as much as she loves to defeat the same.

Is William Dead or Alive in Westworld?

In addition, HaleYou may wish to keep WilliamHer prisoner is just like him and other imprisoned humans Hosts in amusement parks like WestworldAs their homes. Saving WilliamYou can make him her prisoner to get a chance for a job. HaleTo exact her vengeance slowly and painlessly on him. InLight of Hale’s viciousness, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she has chosen to kill WilliamSlowly, after physical and psychological torture, instead of killing him with scissors. InWe look forward to the next episodes of the show. Hale’s intentions revealed, along with clarity on William’s fate.

EvenIf WilliamIf he is still alive, he will likely be kept under the watchful eye of Hale. Sheis expected present the host version of the real Williamto take advantage his contacts and resources. Since WilliamOne of the most influential people inThe United StatesThe real reason for creating his host version is to use that influence. inShe is a great friend. WhetherIt should be a member of the powerful government orThe industrial giants WilliamHas a unignorable voice. Halemay use that voice to authority using the host WilliamShe aspires for the world to be her.

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