Katanox Raises $5.7 Million in Funding

Katanox,An Amsterdam, NetherlandsFundraising: $5M for a London-based provider of travel accommodation distribution and fintech platform. in funding.

TheRound was led by Juan Pablo Ortega, Jan Joost Kalff, Bas Blommaart.

LedBy Mendel Senf, Georgios Georgiadis, Imre Vogelezang and Paul Beukers, Katanox is a travel accommodation distribution fintech platform bringing together travel sellers and travel accommodation providers. TheCompany facilitates distribution of travel accommodation inventory, and payments. ThePlatform aims to unlock programmatic era of B2B distribution in hospitality.

TheCompany plans to use the funds for hiring plans inEngineering, business development, and sales are key to international expansion. They also finance the development of the platform, and other integrations. Central Reservation Systems (CRS), Property Management Systems(PMS) Payment Service Providers (PSP).

ItsThe team is spread all over the world from Amsterdam to London, Paris, Istanbul, Los Angeles and Mexico City.



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