Laekna Therapeutics Raises $61M in Series D Financing

Laekna Therapeutics, Shanghai, ChinaCompany that develops clinical-stage biotechnology products, based in the United States, raised $61M in Series D funding.

TheRound was led CS CapitalParticipation from Worldstar, Infinity Capital, Yanchuang Capital.

LedCEO Dr. Chris Lu, LaeknaThe company is committed to developing new medicines to treat cancer and other liver diseases. TheThe company has a platform that has enabled rapid development of 14 new drug candidates. TheSix clinical programs have been initiated by the company, three of them multi-regional clinical trial (including one pivotal trial), to address unmet medical need. inThe gold standard for cancer resistance.

TheThe company plans to use the funds for its development efforts. ProceedsFrom the Series DFinance will be used for the acceleration of clinical development Laekna’s two core product candidates, AKT kinase inhibitor afuresertib (LAE002) and the world’s first clinical-stage CYP17/CYP11B2 dual inhibitor (LAE001). BothProduct candidates include three distinct key mechanisms: targeted therapy, hormonal therapy, or immuno-oncology therapy. ItsThe most advanced clinical trial is an open label, randomized, multiregional, multi-regional. Phase 2 PROFECTA-II clinical trial of afuresertib, the world’s first registration-directed clinical trial of an AKT kinase inhibitor to treat platinum-resistant ovarian cancer.



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